This post is sponsored by Mayfield. All comments and opinions are my own.

Can you believe we’re already more than halfway through 2021? I mean, seriously. At this rate, it’s going to be autumn before we know it!

That’s why Mayfield is encouraging everyone to slow down, grab what’s good, and remember what makes life sweet, especially during the summer months. Summer is the time for cookouts and ball games and making special memories with friends and family. And when it comes to summer’s sweetest memories, Mayfield is the name to know.

Mayfield has been a family tradition for nearly a hundred years, and while times may change, their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients remains the same. That includes cream sourced directly from their own dairy farms. Their co-op of family owned farms are fixtures of the communities they serve, passionately supporting what’s good and connecting with ice cream-loving friends and neighbors.

If you’re ready to take it slow and enjoy what’s good for a while, head into Publix and pick up your favorite varieties of Mayfield Ice Cream. Whether you’re an ice cream traditionalist or like to play the field, you can’t beat Mayfield’s genuine Southern homemade taste.

Looking for a single-serve option? Try one of the new Mayfield Sundae Delights cups for a creamy, tasty treat you can take on the go. There are several craveable flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth, including Original Caramel, Original Fudge, and Chocolate Fudge. 

Oh, and be sure to swing by the Visitor’s Center if you’re ever in Athens, TN, to learn more about Mayfield’s history, enjoy a scoop on the patio, and soak up some of that golden Tennessee sunshine.