Keep Your Freezer Stocked With Ben & Jerry’s For A Tasty Dessert Any Time You Need It

Dec 24, 20230 comments

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As the holiday whirlwind kicks in, hosting friends and family becomes a juggling act of twinkling lights, festive music, and a never-ending stream of merriment.

But with all that joyful chaos, don’t forget that there’s one secret weapon that guarantees smiles from ear to ear: a freezer stocked with Ben & Jerry’s.

Whether spontaneous cookie dough cravings strike at midnight or a last-minute dessert emergency arises, those tubs of euphoric chunks and swirls promise instant satisfaction. With flavors for everyone, you’ll be the hero of the hour, serving up great taste one scoop at a time.

Having Ben & Jerry’s on hand means dessert is always a scoop away, leaving you free to focus on the smiles and laughter that make the holidays great. So, head into Publix and pick up a pint (or four) of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s varieties. Then you can relax, grab a spoon, and let Ben & Jerry’s handle dessert!

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