Publix GreenWise Market Ad & Coupons Week Of 11/30 To 12/6 (11/29 To 12/5 For Some)

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Here is the Publix GreenWise Market Ad & Matchups for the week Of 11/30 To 12/6 (11/29 To 12/5 For Some) . There are a bunch of nice deals this week for those of you that have a GreenWise Market nearby! You can see a list of locations HERE.

You guys have been great about finding coupons that I don’t see for these organic deals… so let me know if you see a coupon that I’ve missed!


Coral Reef Orange Juice, Small Batch, Not From Concentrate, 59 oz, BOGO $5.99

Pero Family Farms Snipped Green Beans, Washed & Ready-to-Use, Microwavable Bag, 12 oz, BOGO $3.79

BelGioioso Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, 12 oz, BOGO $6.99

Polly-O Ricotta Cheese, Whole Milk, 15 oz, BOGO $4.35

Scott & Jon’s Rice Bowl, 8 oz box, BOGO $5.49

A. Vogel Herbamare Herb Seasoning Salt, Original, Organic, 4.4 or 8.8 oz, BOGO $11.99

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn, Gluten Free, 4.5 to 7 oz bag, BOGO 3.83

Back To Nature Crackers, or Cookies, 4 to 12 oz, BOGO $4.29

Glaceau Smartwater, Electrolyte Enhanced Water, or Alkaline & Antioxidant, 1.5-L, BOGO $2.99

New England Coffee, K-Cups, 12 ct box, or Ground Coffee, 9 to 12 oz bag, BOGO $10.79

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, 11 or 12 oz, BOGO $5.07

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws, or Chips, or Puffs, or Apple Cinnamon Straws, 3 to 7 oz, BOGO $3.99

Smucker’s Preserves, or Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, or Fruit Spread, 17.25 or 18 oz jar, BOGO $4.79

Sunbutter Sunflower Butter, Natural, Natural Crunch, No Sugar Added, Chocolate or Creamy, 16 oz, BOGO $7.45

Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars, or Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, or Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems,, 3.4 to 5 oz, BOGO $5.79

Zico Coconut Water, 1-L, BOGO $5.99

Renewlife Ultimate Flora Probiotic Supplement, or Kids Tummy Gummy, 30 ct, BOGO $37.99


Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food, Stage 1 or 2, 4 oz jar, B2G1 $1.59
$1/3 Earth’s Best Organic Jars or Pouches printable [Jars or Pouches]


Art of Cooper Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750-mL, 2/$18.99

Hawk Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750-mL, 2/$17.99

Michelob Ultra Beer, or Ultra Infusions, Ultra Amber Max, or Ultra Pure Gold Organic Light Lager, 12-pk, 12 oz can or bot, $15.99

New Belgium Beer, 12-pk, 12 oz can or bot, $16.99

Noble Vines 446 Chardonnay Wine, 750-mL bot, $9.49

Ventriloquist Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750-mL, $18.99

White Claw Hard Seltzer, Variety Pack No. 1, 12-pk, 12 oz can, $16.99


Energy Power Nut Mix, $8.99/lb

Jasmine White Rice, $4.99/lb

Wasabi Snack Peas, $2.99/lb


Publix Egg Nog, Half-Gal, $5.99

Vital Farms Eggs, Pasture-Raised, Large, 12 ct, $6.99
$1/1 Vital Farms Butter printable


Boar’s Head Bold Pitcraft Smoked Turkey Salad, 12 oz, $7.49

Boar’s Head Cream Havarti Cheese, 8 oz, $5.99

Boar’s Head Simplicity Roasted Turkey Breast, $15.09/lb

Boar’s Head Turkey and Brie Baguette Sandwich, Boar’s Head Simplicity Lemon Sage Turkey and Creamy Brie on a Crusty Baguette, Hot, $8

Cheeseburger Pizza, 16-Inch, GreenWise Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Meatballs, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Garlic Oil on a Whole Grain or White Crust, Hot, $17.99

Enchiladas, Chicken Chipolte, Salsa Verde Chicken, or Vegetarian, Ready-to-Eat, Hot, $9.99

La Panzanella Mini Croccantini Crackers, 6 oz, $4.59

Large Hot Coffee, or Iced, 16 or 24 oz cup, $1.99

GreenWise Mini Muffins, 11.8 oz, $4.79


Red Poinsettia, 4.5-in pot, $4.49

Red Poinsettias, 6.5-in pot, $9.99


GreenWise Organic Ice Cream, 1-qt, 2/$8

GreenWise Veggie Burgers, 10 oz box, 2/$8


GreenWise Organic Beans, Low Sodium, 15 oz, $0.99

GreenWise Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Italian, Cold Pressed, 17 oz, $7.99

GreenWise Organic Quinoa, Gluten Free, 12 oz bag, 2/$7

Mott’s 100% Apple Juice, or 100% Fruit Juice, or Juice Blend, Mott’s for Tots, Mighty, or Plus, 64 oz, 2/$5


Garden or Life Probiotics, or Dietary Supplements, or Multivitamins, 1 to 240 ct, 200-mL, 75 to 1190 g, or 1 to 32 oz, 20% Off

Zhou Dietary Supplement, 2 to 18 oz, or 30 to 180 ct, 20% Off

Old Spice Products, 2.22 to 30 oz, or 2-pk, 2.6 or 3 oz, (excluding Trial Size), $2 Off wyb 2
$5 off when you spend $15 on Secret, Old Spice, Gillette or Ivory Deodorant 1.6-7.2 oz, Olay or Old Spice Body Wash or Lotion 16-30 oz AND/OR Olay Bar Soap 6 ct (excludes pH Balance, High Endurance and Classic Deodorants) (Publix Digital Coupon) – EXP 12/1
$1/2 Old Spice Antiperspirant/Deodorant, Body Wash, Spray, OR Hand & Body Lotion (excludes High Endurance twin packs, Holiday packs and trial/travel size) (Publix Digital Coupon)

Secret Antiperspirant/Deodorant, 1.6 to 6 oz, or 2-pk, 2.6 oz, (excluding Trial Size), $2 Off wyb 2
$5 off when you spend $15 on Secret, Old Spice, Gillette or Ivory Deodorant 1.6-7.2 oz, Olay or Old Spice Body Wash or Lotion 16-30 oz AND/OR Olay Bar Soap 6 ct (excludes pH Balance, High Endurance and Classic Deodorants) (Publix Digital Coupon) – EXP 12/1
$1/1 Secret Fresh or Secret Outlast Deodorant 2.6 oz or larger (excludes sprays and trial/travel size) (Publix Digital Coupon)
$1/1 Secret Aluminum Free 2.4 oz or larger (excludes sprays and trial/travel size) (Publix Digital Coupon)
$1/1 Secret Dry Sprays (excludes trial/travel size) (Publix Digital Coupon)


GreenWise Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 3-Roll, 2/$6


Free Graze Kobe Beef Strip Steak, American Style, Boneless, $36.99/lb

GreenWise Angus New York Strip Steak, Boneless, $13.99/lb

GreenWise Garlic and Red Pepper Glazed Pork Tenderloin, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Ground Chuck, $5.49/lb

GreenWise Handcrafted House-Seasoned Bacon, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, $6.49/lb

GreenWise Organic Chicken Tenders, Boneless, $7.99/lb

GreenWise Pork Loin Chops, Center-Cut, $5.49/lb

GreenWise Pork Tenderloin, Maple Chipolte Glazed, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Seasoned Meatballs, $7.49/lb

GreenWise Seasoned Meatloaf, $7.49/lb

Greenfield Bacon, 12 or 16 oz, B2G1

Jones Dairy Farm Golden Brown Sausage Patties, or Links, Frozen, 5 or 7 oz, 2/$6

Argentine Red Shrimp, Jumbo, 16 to 20 per Pound, Wild, Responsibly Sourced, Previously Frozen, $9.99/lb

GreenWise Cooked Shrimp, Extra Large, 26 to 30 per Pound, Sustainable, Farmed, Previously Frozen, $10.99/lb

Lobster Tails, Small, Wild, Responsibly Sourced, Previously Frozen, 3 oz, $5.99

Salmon Select Cuts, Fresh, Responsibly Sourced, Farmed, 5.25 oz, $6.99


No Items In Category


GreenWise Organic Baby Carrots, 16 oz, 2/$4

GreenWise Organic Gala Apples, Sweet, 2-lb, $3.99

GreenWise Organic Kombucha, 15 oz, 5/$10

Hass Avocados, 4/$5

Organic Tomatoes on the Vine, $2.99/lb

OrganicGirl Organic Salads, 4 or 5 oz, $3.99

Pineapple Chunks, Small or Medium Package, $2.99/lb

Red Raspberries, 6 oz, 3/$10

Tangerines, 2-lb bag, $3.99

White Seedless Grapes, $2.99/lb

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