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While I am not a master gardener, I do have a few things that I plant every year without fail. I like being able to walk out to my little garden and grab what I need for my various meals and recipes.

Now I don’t have anything fancy. In fact, I am a container gardener. I don’t have the time or energy to till up big plots of land. So, I stick with items that I can put in pots, water and then hope for the best.

I try to pick things that I eat on a regular basis so that I have them handy when I need them. At my house, that means tomatoes and basil are an absolute necessity. During the summer, I live off of Caprese salads and those Caprese bites that you see above!

These tasty summer snacks check all the boxes when it comes to delicious, nutritious snacking. Plus, prep couldn’t be any easier. Simply skewer some tomatoes with fresh basil leaves and chunks of WW String Cheese! Add a drizzle of balsamic glaze or vinegar for a snack that’s perfect any time of day.

I go with cherry tomatoes for my bites but you can really use any type of tomato that you love. And, to keep things simple and to help with portion control, I choose WW String Cheese.

With WW String Cheese I get great taste that’s low in calories. Besides being gluten-free, each serving is a good source of calcium and delivers 6 grams of protein with only 50 calories. That tasty cheese means I  can maintain my wellness goals without sacrificing any flavor at all.

• 1 SmartPoints value per serving (Green, Blue, Purple)
• 50 Calories per serving
• Package Size: 12 Individually Wrapped Sticks
• 6g of Protein per serving
• Good Source of Calcium
• Gluten-Free

No garden? No worries! Publix has everything you need to serve up great taste without breaking the bank! Right now you’ll find WW Light String Cheese on sale priced 2/$7 at your local Publix. Stroll by the dairy aisle and grab a few packs then hit the produce aisle and get everything you need for easy summer snacking!

WW Light String Cheese, 2/$7

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