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Wanna know my favorite way to bring great flavor to my sandwich? I just put it next to a pile of Terra Chips…tee tee!

Each bag of Terra Chips is a delicious combination of fresh, colorful vegetables that have been transformed into crisp and seasoned-to-perfection chips that offer a unique multi-sensorial experience. Perfect as a side or as a snack, you just can’t beat those unique chips and that amazing flavor.

I have been enjoying these chips for many, many years. Every time I open a bag, I say it’s my favorite…then I open another bag. I am not sure I can really pick a favorite. I usually get multiple bags at once and almost always start with the Sweets & Beets. Maybe that means I like those the most? Honestly, I would be absolutely happy with any variety.

Made with natural ingredients, Terra Chips are a step up from ordinary chips. Pick up great tasting snacks in the chip aisle the next time you shop at Publix.

Look for a big selection of unique and absolutely delicious chips on sale through 1/31. That means you have a little less than 2 weeks to grab great taste at a great discount.

  • Terra Original Real Vegetable Chips
  • Terra Exotic Potato Real Vegetable Chips
  • Terra Mediterranean Real Vegetable Chips
  • Terra Red, White & Blues Real Vegetable Chips
  • Terra Sweets & Beets Real Vegetable Chips

Visit the Terra Chips website for more information.

Delicious Terra Chips® Are On Sale Now At Publix on I Heart Publix 1