There is no such thing as a quiet morning at my house. When my alarm goes off, it’s time to get going. I wake up and immediately get started on my never-ending to do list. My days are long, and I have to be my best as I have a lot of people depending on me.

Luckily, with a bag of Dole Boosted Blends™ Protein, I can enjoy a delicious smoothie plus get a protein boost. I just add water, milk, or juice and blend to create a smoothie in a flash. It’s super easy to make and I get a tasty snack with protein and fiber…win/win!

Available with the frozen fruit at Publix, each bag contains protein-rich whey and almond butter cubes combined with sweet blueberries and banana. Perfect for my mid-day snack or blend up a tasty smoothie and jump start my day with great taste and a 10 gram protein boost*!

When I’ve been shopping, I’ve also seen the Dole Boosted Blends Energize. This tasty blend pairs delicious frozen fruit with boosted cubes with matcha green tea for a perfect, hard-working smoothie that I love! Get the matcha green tea taste in a smoothie rich in vitamin C.

Look for both Dole Boosted Blends Protein and Dole Boosted Blends Energize smoothies with the frozen fruit at your local Publix. Both varieties are on sale now as part of the Extra Savings Flyer valid through 10/23.

Dole Boosted Blends, 32 oz, $8.99

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* To ensure 10g of Protein, include about 15 cubes