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Save Time & Reduce Frustration With KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces

Jul 26, 2020 | #, Coupons, Deals | 0 comments

This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with KIWI® Shoe Care Products. All opinions are my own.

Have you seen KIWI®  Sneaker No-Tie Laces yet?

These have become a must-have for my boys’ cleats and sports shoes. Jake uses them in his lacrosse cleats and Jeb has them in his golf shoes and his football cleats. The boys don’t have to worry about their shoes coming untied in practice or worse…in the middle of a game. They make putting on shoes quick and easy and you know my boys are all about going the easy route.

KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces are the easiest way to give your shoes a quick makeover that will save you time and frustration. If you have ever had to pull a knot out of a stinky, smelly shoe or cleat these will be your favorite thing ever!

Recently, we actually grabbed a couple of packs for my husband’s sneakers. Jim has arthritis in his hips and when the pain flares up, putting on shoes can be hard. Bending and trying to tie his shoe can be miserable AND extremely painful. Thanks to the KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces, he can wiggle his foot into the shoe and with one quick tug on the lock, he’s ready to go!

The laces are easy to install in any shoe. Just lace up the shoe, add the lock and finish up by adding and securing the end cap. In minutes, you have shoes that fit snug—no tying required!

Don’t let laces knot you up or slow you down. KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces save you time spent tying with easy one-touch elastics. No-Tie Laces aren’t loose, they’re just as snug with none of the difficulties of laces.

Pick up a pack the next time you shop at your local Publix.

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