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Stock Up On Veetee Rice And Get Some Time Back This Holiday Season

Dec 20, 20190 comments

This post is sponsored by Veetee Rice. All comments and opinions are my own.

The holiday pressure is on…and in full swing around my house! That big holiday to-do list is growing and the time until Christmas is shrinking—fast! With the tricks I have learned over the years, I can give myself a little extra time to get it all done.

In the days before Christmas, my menu is made up of simple meals I can throw in the slow cooker. Letting my slow cooker to do the work allows me to stay busy knocking things off my super long to-do list!

By making a meal one night and then adding a few ingredients to the leftovers for another meal, dinner time is a breeze.

Let’s say I make slow cooker chili served over rice one night. I can then use the leftovers to whip up chili dogs the next night! And, say I serve up a roast over rice and gravy one night. Just a little BBQ sauce is an easy way to whip up BBQ sandwiches the next night.

Veetee Rice helps me get my holiday to-do-list done AND pull together tasty meals for my family! I can have great tasting, perfectly cooked rice in just two minutes. There’s no measuring or boiling water involved. And you know what the best part is…I don’t have to clean my rice cooker.

I know you guys are starting to feel the stress of the season too. So try a few of my little tricks and grab Veetee Rice at Publix next time you shop. It’s an easy way to take the weeknight meal drama off your plate.

Look for a big selection of Veetee Rive at your local Publix and give them a try.

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