This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with KIWI® Shoe Care Products. All opinions are my own.

The kids have been in school for a few months now. It’s likely that all those new clothes and shoes that you purchased back in July/August aren’t looking so new anymore! I can’t help you when it comes to the clothing…even though I can sympathize with you (my boys are extremely rough on clothes too!)

BUT—I do have a great way to help you get those expensive shoes looking great again. Grab a bottle of KIWI® Sneaker Cleaner and with a little effort, you can make your stained and dirty shoes look amazing.

The sponge-top brush of the KIWI® Sneaker Cleaner makes applying and scrubbing the shoes quick and easy. The powerful cleaning formula works like a champ and takes care of all the dirt and stains in a flash.

I have come to depend on that little bottle of cleaner over the past couple of years as a way to keep more money in my pocket. My boys can wear their shoes longer so I am not having to shell out big bucks nearly as often. I’ll take a $5 – $6 price tag over a $75 price tag any day.

AND…to keep new shoes looking great, treat them with KIWI® Sneaker Protector right when you get them. It’s the easy way to help your shoes last longer by creating an invisible shield that protects against water, snow, dirt/dust, and salt. Just spray on your shoes and let dry. Your shoes are protected from the elements AND whatever else you throw at them. It’s the quick and convenient way to keep your shoes looking great.

Now is the perfect time to grab a bottle of the KIWI® Sneaker product that you need. Stop by Publix and look for the KIWI® product display and grab the products that you need.

$2/1 KIWI® Cleaner or Protector Product