Fantastic Deal On Armour Meatballs At Publix – Stock Up With The BOGO Sale!

Sep 27, 20183 comments

This post is sponsored by Armour. All comments and opinions are my own.

Great news guys…we have an unadvertised deal on Armour® Meatballs this week at Publix!

Look for the big 20 oz bags on sale buy one, get one FREE! That means you get tasty meatballs for just $4 per bag. That makes me a very happy momma as I have about a million recipes that I can whip up with a bag of meatballs. Plus, my guys are meatball-aholics and would eat them every day if given their choice! The BOGO sale gives me the opportunity to stock my freezer without killing my budget.

Armour Meatballs are a simple and tasty way to add delicious flavor to pastas, pizzas, sandwiches and more. They are fully-cooked so I can simply heat and serve or add to my favorite recipes to have a meal on the table in a flash. Plus, they are an easy-to-prepare option that’s perfect as a game day party appetizer. No matter what the occasion, Armour Meatballs make it easy to serve up great taste that’s sure to satisfy!

Be sure to stock up while you can. The sale runs through 10/3 (10/2 for some). Stop by the frozen aisle and grab a bag (or four) and pick up a great price on America’s Favorite Meatball, perfectly sized and seasoned for all your favorite meals and recipes.

If you have a recipe idea, share it in the comments. I know we can all use menu ideas for the week!

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  1. Mama Lucia meatballs are also on sale BOGO. They reduced the size of the bags but they’re still cheaper than Amour and there was a coupon dispenser right in front of the freezer case for $1 off making the bags $2 each! So you can get two 16oz for the price of one 20oz Amour bag!

  2. A can of jellied cranberry sauce, a bottle of Heinz 57 Chili Sauce, whisk together in crock pot, dump meatballs in and cook on low until heated through. FABULOUS cocktail meatballs. I also make these meatballs with a little Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce and shredded pineapple. Delicious! Meatball subs are always a hit at our house, too.

  3. We use the Italian meatballs for spaghetti, meatball subs and cut up in lasagna. We use the beef and/or the original for the grape jelly/chili sauce crockpot meatballs. So nothing fancy but they are my go-to frozen meatball.


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