This post is sponsored by Tillamook. All comments and opinions are my own.

Most people make a shopping list and might typically add milk, bread and eggs to that list every week. At my house, the top three items are usually cheese, cheese and more cheese! Yep, we go through massive quantities of cheese every single week so I am constantly having to restock the cheese drawer in the fridge!

When I think about it…there is probably cheese in almost every meal that we eat. I use it in recipes, I pack it in lunch boxes and we eat it as a snack.

So when I spotted that Tillamook Cheeses hit the dairy aisle at Publix, I had to give them a try. There are both snack size cheeses and loaf cheeses in lots of different varieties. Perfect for all the ways that I use cheese at my house.

We tried the cheese and we loved them all.

The loaves are handy for recipes and for entertaining. I can cut chunks or shred based on what I need. There are lots of flavors at Publix so I can get just what I need. When you buy a loaf, you’re getting Tillamook Cheese in its purest form. Slice it, cube it, shred it, nibble it – the options and flavors are plentiful.

Plus, the snack size cheeses are great for lunch boxes and a quick pick-me-up. Tillamook Cheese Snacks are chips off the original block – real cheese in snackable forms. We get the taste that we love from a protein-packed snack that helps keep us fueled.

Great news! Now is the perfect time to bring home Tillamook Cheese for your family. Clip the high value Publix digital coupon and save on your next purchase of Tillamook Snack or Chunk Cheese.

Take advantage of the savings and pick up dairy done right. Let us know your favorite variety in the comments!