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School is back in session. I am betting you probably shelled out big bucks on all kinds of supplies for the kids. I know I spent a pretty penny on clothing and shoes for my boys this year.

Kids have a way of destroying new things in a flash. Heck, my boys can wear out new clothes in a matter of weeks. But I work hard to prevent that from happening. I am constantly treating stains on clothing and I depend on KIWI® products to help me extend the life of those expensive shoes. With everything from shoe cleaner, shoe polish and even laces…I can quickly and easily have worn shoes looking as good as new.

The newest product, the KIWI® sneaker protector, is a mom’s dream come true! With a powerful, long lasting formula it gives shoes protection against stains, rain, salt, and dirt. Protected shoes look new for a longer period of time which makes me feel like I am getting the most bang for my buck!

Right now you can save $1 on your favorite KIWI® Sneakers product and grab a great deal at Publix. Be sure to clip/print your coupons and extend the life of your favorite shoes.

KIWI® products are a much better option than trying to replace shoes when they are dirty or scuffed. There are even shoe deodorants to help neutralize unpleasant odors. With two pre-teen boys, I am sure you can imagine some of the stinky smells that I have to deal with. If you have even been in a small space like a car with a boy with stinky shoes, you will appreciate the usefulness of a shoe deodorant! Stop by Publix and look for the products that you need to help keep your shoes looking their best!