This post is sponsored by Kauai Coffee®. All comments and opinions are my own.

I wanted to give you guys a reminder to load that rare Kauai Coffee® and pick up savings next time you shop at Publix.

$1/1 Kauai Coffee® Publix Digital Coupon

The coupon will save you a buck off any of the bagged coffees. There are several to choose from so be sure to clip the coupon and grab your deal the next time you shop. Choose from the following:

  • Kauai Koloa Estate Medium Roast Ground 10oz
  • Kauai Koloa Estate Medium Roast Whole Bean 10oz
  • Kauai Koloa Estate Dark Roast Ground 10oz
  • Kauai Koloa Estate Dark Roast Whole Bean 10oz
  • Kauai Vanilla Macadamia Nut Ground 10oz

If you’ve never tried the coffee this is the perfect time to give it a try. Great taste and nice savings…I know that’s right up your alley!

Kauai Coffee® is 100% premium Arabica coffee. The smooth and pleasing flavor of this coffee is created for you by the delicate balance of nature found on the island of Kauai. Some call the island paradise. Kauai Coffee® calls it home. From the Koloa Estate on Hawaii’s Kauai Island, this coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil, touched by abundant mountain rain, warmed by the Pacific sun and cooled by the gentle Hawaiian trade winds.

Remember, you can feel good about choosing Kauai Coffee®. They are dedicated to preserving the Aina. Aina is the Hawaiian word for land. Because they respect the beautiful island of Kauai and revere it as a resource, they are committed to sustainable practices. Farming. Drip irrigation. Hydro-electricity. The result of their effort is a responsibly crafted coffee with a consistency of flavor and quality that can only be found in a bag of Kauai Coffee.

While we may not be able to wake up to the beautiful tropical views that Kauai has to offer, you can wake up to great taste of Kauai Coffee® any time you’d like!

For more information visit the Kauai website and follow Kauai on Facebook.