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We entertain quite a bit. I typically have guests over at least once or twice per week. Something I have learned over the years is have plenty of coffee on hand AND to offer it very often!

Many years ago, right after Jim and I were married, I had a large group of friends and family over and was terribly embarrassed when a couple of folks asked if they might have a cup of coffee with their dessert. Not only had I not offered but because I don’t drink coffee, I had absolutely no idea where to begin to make them a cup of coffee.

That was the last time that happened! Jim gave me a crash course in coffee and taught me how to work the grinder and the coffee maker. He gave me the full rundown on the different things I might need to know. So now when I am expecting guests, I alway make sure I have lots of different coffee options as well as plenty of sweetener and creamer options so that everyone can enjoy their perfect cup of coffee!

People are serious about their coffee and everyone tends to make theirs a little differently. The different combination of options is endless—creamer, no creamer, flavored creamer, sugar, artificial sweetener, natural sweetener, black, strong, weak, flavored…my head starts to spin from all the different combinations.

But—I have learned that offering a medium roast like Kauai Koloa Estate Medium Roast is always a safe bet and will please most everyone!

Kauai Coffee® is 100% premium Arabica coffee. The smooth and pleasing flavor of this coffee is created by the delicate balance of nature found on the island of Kauai. Every time I serve Kauai Coffee® I always have guests comment that they love the flavor and ask me to share the brand I used.

Because this is one of Jim’s favorites, I usually have it on hand to serve up when I entertain.

You’ll find the Kauai Koloa Estate Medium Roast ground and whole bean bags at Publix along with the dark roast and the amazingly fragrant Vanilla Macadamia Nut variety. Look for the different varieties in the coffee aisle at Publix –

  • Kauai Koloa Estate Medium Roast Ground 10oz
  • Kauai Koloa Estate Medium Roast Whole Bean 10oz
  • Kauai Koloa Estate Dark Roast Ground 10oz
  • Kauai Koloa Estate Dark Roast Whole Bean 10oz
  • Kauai Vanilla Macadamia Nut Ground 10oz

From the Koloa Estate on Hawaii’s Kauai Island, this coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil, touched by abundant mountain rain, warmed by the Pacific sun and cooled by the gentle Hawaiian trade winds.

You can feel good about choosing Kauai Coffee®. They are dedicated to preserving the Aina. Aina is the Hawaiian word for land. Because they respect the beautiful island of Kauai and revere it as a resource, they are committed to sustainable practices. Farming. Drip irrigation. Hydro-electricity. The result of their effort is a responsibly crafted coffee with a consistency of flavor and quality that can only be found in a bag of Kauai Coffee.

Now is the time to grab your favorite coffee. Load the digital coupon and stop by the coffee aisle at Publix and save $1 on your favorite variety of Kauai Coffee®.

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