This post is sponsored by Sabra. All comments and opinions are my own.

I pretty much always have a tub of Sabra in my fridge. I use hummus on my sandwiches, in my recipes and enjoy regularly as a mid-afternoon snack. Now there is a new Sabra product that gives me another dip option…new Sabra Mediterranean Bean Dip!

I spotted the tubs a few weeks ago and they have been a hit at my house. So much of a hit that my husband got in a little trouble!

The dips were part of the BOGO sale a few weeks ago so I grabbed the red bean dip and a tub of the white bean dip. I came home from shopping and put everything away without really paying any attention.

A day or so later, I needed a snack and went to go grab the white bean dip that I had looked forward to trying. I searched all over my fridge and could only find the red bean dip that I purchased. So naturally I think…maybe I didn’t actually purchase it? I check my receipt and it’s there.

Then I panic and think that maybe it fell out of the bag and it’s spoiling in my car. Nope–not there. I wonder if maybe I stuck it in my pantry? Maybe I accidentally put in the freezer? I check everywhere and there no white bean dip anywhere in my house!

I then come to the conclusion that the Publix bagger must have accidentally left it out of my bags. I was bummed but know that accidents happen. I let it go and decided that I’d grab more the next time I shopped. I popped open the red bean dip and snacked while racking my brain where else I might have put that dang white bean dip.

A day or so later, I decide to grab some red bean dip for a snack. My husband happens to be home and is in the kitchen with me. He dips a chip, eats it and then makes the comment, “Yum–this is as good as the white bean dip!”

My mouth dropped! I realized that HE had eaten my white bean dip…all of it!

I gave him a little love punch and warned him that he better not eat all my bean dip without telling me–tee hee!

Next time you shop, look for the new Mediterranean Bean Dips in the deli section at your local Publix. Look for three tasty varieties –

  • White Bean with Spinach & Roasted Garlic
  • Red Bean with Sundried Tomato & Basil
  • Black Bean with Roasted Tomato & Paprika

Unlike hummus that’s made with chickpeas, the new Mediterranean Bean Dip is made with white, red or black beans plus Mediterranean herbs and spices .You’ll enjoy nutrient rich beans blended with real vegetables that’s perfect for folks who are looking to live a more plant-based lifestyle.

Grab a tub or two next time you shop. Just make sure you put it where you can find it and maybe even stick a note on the tub so your family doesn’t eat it all before you get a chance to try it!