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Don’t forget that you have less than a week to stock up on delicious and convenient products available in the frozen and dairy aisles at Publix! There are tons of great deals going on right now as part of our current Advantage Buy flyer in conjunction with the Cool Food for Families promotion!

It’s impossible to walk down the frozen food aisle without finding a ton of amazing foods. Think pizza, ice cream, cakes and more! Having a stocked freezer means that delicious and convenient foods are easy to grab and enjoy.

The Talenti Gelato that’s on sale right now at Publix is the perfect example. With Talenti in your freezer, you can enjoy great taste anytime you want. Talenti starts with fresh milk and pure cane sugar. Then the finest ingredients from all over the world are added. Since the perfect ingredients ARE the flavor, there’s little need to add anything else. Better ingredients make happy spoons and let me tell you when I have a pint of Talenti, my spoon AND my mouth are very happy!

Frozen foods are incredibly convenient and give us the opportunity to enjoy our favorite foods anytime of the year. That means seasonal limitations are part of the past. Plus, one of my favorite things about frozen foods is that they are economical. You don’t pay for stalks, pits, skins, rinds or damaged food. That means you aren’t paying for any waste. With frozen foods, 100% of the food is edible. That means edible ounce for edible ounce, frozen food costs are usually less than their fresh counterparts.

We all know that freezing foods seals in freshness. So you get the freshest food possible…food that has been frozen at it’s peak freshness and flavor. Plus, food quick-frozen and properly stored keep their high nutritional value which is important in my book.

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In addition to the sales in the frozen aisle, you’ll also enjoy great deals in the dairy aisles as well! Explore new ways to enjoy fresh, simple foods and unleash the versatility of the aisle that is beyond cool.

Remember refrigerated foods use quality, real ingredients high in protein that are simple, fresh and close to the farm. You get great versatility and convenience in products that we all know and love. With recent innovations, the refrigerated aisle offers new products to meet consumer needs in perfect portions and flavors that capitalize on popular trends.

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