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Have you loaded your Sargento® Sliced Cheese Digital coupon yet? You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get great savings on delicious 100% real, natural cheese that’s available in tons of different varieties at Publix.


Sandwiches come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. While everyone may have their favorites, we can all agree on one thing—we want it to taste great! There are lots of choices when it comes to making that perfect sandwich. You want the ultimate bread, your favorite condiments, just the right meats and of course the perfect cheese! American Singles, sometimes known as Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food (PPCF), are only required to contain 51% cheese. When you want to create the perfect sandwich, don’t settle for anything less than 100% real, natural cheese. Choose Sargento and get the delicious taste that your sandwich deserves!


Be sure to load your coupon and stop by Publix to pick up your favorite variety at a great discount. For any of you who may be watching your waist line, remember to look for the Ultra Thin™  varieties.  You get sliced cheese with the same great Sargento taste, they’re just thinner and 45 calories a slice.

#AD The content within this post was paid for by Sargento.