ChickenCaesar-LargeI mentioned yesterday that our Ready Pac® Bistro® Bowl™ BOGO sale is going to occur in waves and some folks will have the sale starting up today while other folks will get the sale next week. So when you are shopping this week, if you don’t see the BOGO sale, don’t fret…it’s coming. I believe Atlanta and Miami division will have to wait until next week…that means I am waiting so I will be stocking up next week.

You’ll be able to grab any of the following when you shop at Publix –

  • Chicken Caesar
  • Turkey & Bacon Cobb
  • Spinach Dijon
  • Cranberry Walnut
  • Asian Style Chicken
  • Chopped Italian Style
  • Chef Salad
  • Santa Fe Style Salad

All of the salads offer restaurant inspired flavor and are full of flavor. You get an array of savory cheeses and dressings with crunchy toppers. Available in classic, chopped and vegetarian recipes so there are options no matter what you are craving. Plus because you get everything you need in one convenient package (fork included) they are incredibly convenient for when you need a meal on-the-go!

My husband’s favorite salad is the Chicken Caesar. He is the big meat eater of the family and loves this salad as it has a double-helping of juicy, roasted Chicken Breast, shredded Parmesan-style cheese and Creamy Caesar Dressing on a fresh bed of Romaine Lettuce.

This is the salad that he will often order when we go out to eat. I can guarantee you that there is no way that he could ever get it for $2 at any restaurant! So you better believe that I will be grabbing several for him with the BOGO sale. I mean a $2 lunch is almost unheard of and the fact that I  am giving him a healthy option that’s under 300 calories is just amazing. I think I might just be in the running for wife of the year…what do you think–tee hee!

Don’t forget to stock up while you can grab a fantastic deal. Remember if you don’t see the sale this week, just hold tight—you may have to wait until next week!

This post is brought to you by the folks at Ready Pac. All comments and opinions are my own.