SproutBuying food for your family can be hard work. Besides trying to find a good deal, actually trying to figure out what’s in the foods you purchase can be next to impossible! How often have you had to pull out a dictionary to figure out the ingredient list in some of the foods you put in your cart each week?

When I look for food to feed my guys, simple is always better! I look for whole foods and products with labels that I can actually understand. My guys get the food they enjoy and I get the peace of mind knowing that they are eating the good stuff.

This is even more important for the littlest member of your family. With their little tummies, you want to make sure that the foods you give don’t have a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. That’s why Sprout® foods are such a good choice for your baby! With Sprout® recipes, what you see on the ingredient list is exactly what you’ll get on the inside of the pouch! So when you purchase a pouch of Carrot, Apple & Mango you can turn it over and see that the ingredients are simply: Organic Carrots, Organic Apples, and Organic Mangos. You won’t need a dictionary or anyone to help you decipher the ingredients list.

unspecified-1Sprout recipes are made with certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and contain no concentrates, preservatives, or anything artificial — just delicious whole foods! There are tons of great flavor combinations so you are sure to find plenty that your baby will love.

You can feel good knowing your baby is eating real, honest, and pure recipes. So leave your dictionary at home. When you pick up Sprout® foods for your baby, you can easily see the ingredients are the same ones that you use in your own kitchen! Plus, unlike some baby food brands, Sprout labels their recipes based on the primary order of ingredients inside, so you know EXACTLY which flavors you are introducing to your baby.

For more information and a buy one get one free coupon visit the Sprout® website. Be sure to keep an eye out for their fresh new look on your next shopping trip to Publix!

This post is brought to you by the folks at Sprout®. All comments and opinions are my own.