Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky-1Only a few more days before the big game. I wonder how much pizza, wings and nachos will be served up on Sunday? Let’s face it…it’s definitely a day where you pull out the guy food. I just can’t imagine sitting around watching the game snacking on a salad or a fruit cup!

A great snack option for the game would be the new Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky! My husband is a fan of a good jerky so I knew that he’d be happy with a couple of bags as part of the game day spread. I spotted them while I was shopping and figured they’d be a good addition. Naturally he had to do a taste test to determine if they were game day worthy.

He really enjoyed the flame grilled flavor and liked that you could see the big seasonings right on the jerky! I was surprised to see that it was nice sized chunks of jerky versus some of the other brands that he usually munches on. It definitely passed his test and he said that I might need to grab a few more bags so that he and his buddies would have enough to pass around.

Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky is grilled on an open flame for a uniquely tender texture. They use premium cuts of beef and pork. Plus the jerky is all natural, gluten free, high in protein. It’s a great snack for game day or just whenever!

For more information visit, be sure to visit the Ball Park Website.