ziploc-space-bagsA while back I told you guys how much I love Ziploc® brand Space Bags®. It was about this time last year when I was busy packing and getting ready to make the big move to Chattanooga.

We moved over a couple of months and during that time I put the Ziploc® brand Space Bags® to work. We were going back and forth so frequently that I actually used the bags in place of boxes. Since we often traveled with the dogs, the Ziploc® brand Space Bag® not only saved a ton of space, but they also kept all the dog hair off of all of our stuff. The last thing I want to sleep on when traveling is a pillow coved with dog hair!

Now that we are finally settled in to our new home, I use the Ziploc® brand Space Bags® to store and protect various things throughout my house. Good Housekeeping magazine says Ziploc® brand Space Bags® are a better value than plastic bins and I totally agree.  The bags are durable and reusable so you can use them again and again. I have been using mine for over a year now without any issues whatsoever. I actually just got another set of bags and am working on moving the boys’ keepsake items from a plastic box to the Ziploc® brand Space Bag®.

ziploc-space-bagsThe vacuum seal bag design is perfect for storing soft, bulky items like blankets, comforters, pillows, sweaters and winter coats. I have a bag for each boy that contains their handmade blankets, first outfits and other various clothing that I want to stay safe and protected. The bags form an airtight, watertight seal to keep your items clean and safe – protecting against bugs, moths, dirt, moisture, allergens, mildew and odors. That’s very important to me, since I store many of my items in an unfinished storage area in my basement. I don’t monitor that storage area like I might a closet, so I want to be sure that the items I have tucked away stay protected.

What’s great is that the bags are so simple to use – you just need your vacuum. The bag’s one-way air valves work with any vacuum that has a hose attachment. Simply attach the hose, flip on your vacuum and in no time the air is pulled out and you are left with bag that allows you to store up to three times as much in a given area. This is important in my world as there never seems to be enough space to store everything at my house.

I use the bags for seasonal storage too. My holiday linens are safe in the Ziploc® brand Space Bag® and I can easily move them in and out as I need them. Plus, they are great for holding all your clothes that you may not use day to day. You can easily swap out your summer and/or winter items when they are not in use, and save that much-needed closet space!

In addition to the vacuum-seal bag design that I use at home, there are also roll-up storage bags for when I travel. These are super simple as you remove the air by simply rolling up the bag – allowing you to pack up to twice as much. Surely I am not the only one who ends up coming home with more than I left with. That extra space sure does come in handy!

For you guys who plan to do any flying this summer, these little bags can also save you a pretty penny! Space savings can mean money savings when families travel since the airlines like to charge extra for each suitcase you bring. In addition, the bags are transparent, which makes for speedy airport security checks.

I have a combination of both types of bags and use them constantly. While I am not a world traveler, I can’t tell you how many times those little bags have come in handy for all day baseball events where the boys need a couple of changes of clothing or when we do an overnight visit to see family and friends.

If you have summer travel plans, you really want to give these a try. They’d also make a great gift for students getting ready to go back to school. Where were these when I was in college?! The bags come in a variety of sizes so be sure to check them out. I think you guys will love them as much as I do.

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