Grillin Wings-publix

I don’t know about you guys but in the summer, I prefer to do most of my cooking outside. It can get so hot here in the south –  the last thing I want to do is crank up my oven. My air conditioner already works hard enough to keep the house comfortable.

Another perk is that I can usually get my husband to cover the grill. I’ll prep everything and then he does the actual grilling. One of my all time favorite things to grill are chicken wings. Recently, we tried the new Tyson® Grillin’ Wings™.  I really think that you guys will love them! I used to have to spend a ton of time cutting and prepping the wings and with these, you only need to open the bag!

They taste like they’ve been smoked for hours, but they’re ready in just minutes!  You can choose from a couple of flavors – my whole crew loves the Smokehouse Grillin’ Wings®. If you don’t have time to grill them you can even toss them in the oven. Fantastic wings without a ton of effort.


Be sure and load the Publix Digital Coupon and you can grab a bag at a discount. You know 4th of July festivities are just around the corner. You might as well go ahead and get ready. Although these would never make it that long at my house – tee hee.

Have you guys tried these yet? What did you think?

This post is brought to you by the folks at Tyson