beggin poppersI have some winners to announce. My winners each get a Beggin’® Party Popper fan kit that includes:

  • Beggin’® Party Poppers™ Canister and accompanying “how to use” instruction sheet
  • Beggin’® 7 oz. product refill pouch
  • T-shirt
  • Sunglasses

Congratulations to the following folks (I will be emailing you soon so watch your inbox!) –

  1. Wendi – wringenberg@
  2. Valerie – Mbfvlm@
  3.  drobinson@
  4. Lisa – seementbiz@
  5. Deanna R – ddrublee@
  6. Matthew@
  7. Val – vallmc@
  8. Kiyoko – kiyoko_blue@
  9. Margaret – meltedpenguin@
  10. Tracey C. – munchiema@

If you aren’t a winner you can still grab that big high value coupon and give the Beggin’® Party Poppers a try at a great price. New Party Poppers™ are Beggin’® wrapped cheese flavored cubes you send flying off a pig’s nose! Just put the treat on the pig’s nose, push in…wait for it, and watch it pop! Print your coupons and then pick them up next time you shop at Publix. Both Spike and Dumplyn give them two paws up – tee hee. You can see them in action here in my video.