Serve Up The Ultimate CharKETOrie Board For Game Day – Save Big At Publix!

Jan 27, 20240 comments

This post is sponsored by Lindsay, Fiorucci, 4505 Chicharrones & Cabot. All comments and opinions are my own.

I am famous for creating fantastic charcuterie boards. Ok, so my fame only extends to my family and friends group… but hey, that’s the best kind of fame, right? Sharing delicious food with the people you love is what it’s all about. Besides, who needs the paparazzi when you’ve got a cheering crowd of hungry friends?

I love getting creative with the ingredients and love coming up with fun themed boards based on the occasion. So you know with the big game coming up, I had to start working on my Football CharKETOrie Board. Yes, you read that right, I made a delicious keto focus charcuterie board.

Perfect for the keto and low-carb crowd, this snack tray is a combination of great foods including tasty Cabot Cheeses, Linday Olives, Fiorucci Meats and 4505 Chicharrones. A little arranging is all that’s needed to create a flavor-packed game day masterpiece.

And since you can customize the board to suit your needs, it’s easy to create the perfect snack for any size group. And with the deals at Publix, you can feed the home team and save lots of moolah. Look for some great deals as part of the Extra Saving Flyer valid 1/27 – 2/9.

  • Lindsay Crafted Olives 6 oz, 2/$5
  • Lindsay Olives 5.75 to 7 oz (excludes canned), 2/$7
  • 4505 Chicharrones 2.25 to 2.5 oz, 2/$7
  • Fiorucci Snack Packs 2 oz, 2/$6
  • Fiorucci 100% Natural Salami 6 oz, $6.99
  • $1/1 Cabot Chunk Cheese 8 oz – Publix Coupon Extra Savings Flyer valid 1/27 – 2/9

Here are a few ideas to help you create a board that is sure to please:

Go for an oblong board or platter. A wooden slab adds a natural touch, while a slate platter brings a touch of elegance. You can even get creative and use a football-shaped serving dish for the ultimate thematic touch!

Line up a plenty of Fiorucci Meats.  Arrange them in rows or clusters, so they are easy to grab. I chose to cut the salami in half and arrange to create the shape of a football. You could also place them on the board resembling the yard lines on a football field.

Offer up plenty of delicious Cabot Cheese. Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar and Gouda are great options… but consider adding some tasty flavors like Cabot Pepper Jack, Habanero or Horseradish Seasoned Cheddar Cheese. Cut the cheese into cubes, wedges, or slices for variety.

Add some crunch to your board. 4505 Chicharrones are irresistibly delicious, protein packed, meaty snacks will fill you up without weighing you down. Easy to grab and go, offer your guests a couple of tasty flavors. And be sure to include roasted nuts and seeds like almonds, pecans, and pumpkin seeds provide a satisfying crunch and healthy fats.

Fill the board with flavor. Savory and salty, Lindsay Olives are the ultimate poppable snack that all your guests will love. Mix and match a variety of different olives for great texture and taste. Then fill in any empty spots on the board with various low-carb veggies and fruits and you are in business!

With a little creativity, you’re sure to create your own Football CharKETOrie Board that will have your friends and family cheering for more. So get your game face on, get creative, and enjoy the big game with a delicious and festive spread! Be sure to stop by Publix where you’ll find everything you need to bring the win to your home team on game day!

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