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Dec 26, 2023 | #, Deals | 0 comments

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Did you get a bunch of new clothes for the holidays? My boys got a ton of stuff including hoodies, socks and new underwear. I guess I am a glutton for punishment as that just means more laundry!

Thankfully they are old enough to wash their own clothes. Though I do give them a hand from time to time on especially busy weeks. To make sure that they don’t waste my laundry supplies, I keep plenty of Tide Pods and Gain Flings on hand so that laundry is effortless for them.

Easy to use and easy on the nose, Gain Original Flings give you 50% more of your beloved Gain scent compared to Gain liquid detergent, delivering an ahhh-mazingly crisp freshness that’s only outmatched by the clean they provide. Look for a high value digital coupon to help you stock up and save when you shop at Publix

Don’t forget… once you grab your deals, be sure to save the receipt after you shop. Many of these household products qualify for the Stocking Spree program so you get a deal and then earn points towards a Publix gift card too!

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