Grab Some Hellmann’s & Whip Up A Delicious Leftover Turkey Sandwich!

Dec 26, 20230 comments

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Is your fridge overflowing with a post-holiday bounty? Don’t despair! Instead of letting those precious leftovers go to waste, why not use them to create a brand new meal that might just become your post-feast tradition?!

Leftovers aren’t just yesterday’s dinner! With a little bit of effort you can create an amazing meal that rivals that big holiday feast. So skip the microwave and grab some crusty bread and a jar of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. It’s time to turn those leftovers into a lunchtime legend… a Leftover Turkey Sandwich!

What I love most about this meal is that you can use just about any leftover to create a flavorful meal that you can enjoy… no fork needed.

The favorite at my house is a sandwich stacked high with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, turkey, dressing, gravy and a little cranberry sauce. You get all the goodness and textures of your holiday meal in an handheld that explodes with flavor in every bite! This is comfort food elevated and the perfect way to relive the joy of the holidays in a whole new way. So let your creativity run wild, pile on your favorite flavors and savor every single, delicious mouthful.

Just make sure you are prepared. Grab your favorite bread from the Publix Bakery and pick up some Hellmann’s Mayonnaise the next time you shop. Don’t let all your hard work and all that delicious food go to waste. After all, who needs new recipes when you have a fridge full of post-holiday magic waiting?!

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