Here is the Publix GreenWise Market Ad & Matchups for the week Of 8/17 to 8/23 (8/16 to 8/22 For Some). There are a bunch of nice deals this week for those of you that have a GreenWise Market nearby! You can see a list of locations HERE.

You guys have been great about finding coupons that I don’t see for these organic deals… so let me know if you see a coupon that I’ve missed!


Fresh Express Salad Kit, or Blend, or Chopped Kit, 5 to 12.3 oz, BOGO $5.49

Honeydew, or Orangedew Chunks, Small or Medium, BOGO $3.99/lb

Galbani Mozzarella Cheese, or Chunk Cheese, 16 oz, BOGO $7.29
$1/1 Galbani Cheese Product printable

No Cow Non-Dairy Protein Bar, 2.12 oz, BOGO $3

Planet Oat Oatmilk, 52 oz, BOGO $4.09

The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, Spreadable, 5.4 or 6 oz, BOGO $4.29

Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, BOGO $6.29/lb

Matlaw’s Stuffed Clams, or Scallops, Frozen, 9 or 11 oz, BOGO $5.99

Outshine Fruit Bars, 14.7 to 18 oz, BOGO $6.71
$5 off when you buy $20 or more frozen treats from Haagen-Dazs, Edy’s, Oreo, Drumstick, Outshine, or Skinny Cow (Publix Digital Coupon)

Scott & Jon’s Pasta Bowl, or Rice or Noodle Bowl, 8 oz, BOGO $4.99

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Bars, Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, Cocoa Praline, or Salted Dark Chocolate Praline, 2.93 or 3 oz, BOGO $5.29

Eternal Spring Water, Naturally Alkaline, 1.5-L, BOGO $2.49

Garden of Eatin’ Taco Shells, Yellow, or Blue Corn, 5.5 oz box, BOGO $4.99

Ile de France Paris Toasts, 2.75 oz, BOGO $1.99

North Coast Organic Apple Sauce, 24 oz, BOGO $3.55

Pascha Organic Baking Chips, 8.8 oz bag, or Vegan Baking Chips, 7 oz, BOGO $6.49

Planters Peanuts, 12 or 12.5 oz can, or 10-pk, 1 oz, BOGO $3.69

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, 11 or 12 oz, BOGO $4.79

Sola Bread, or Bagels, or Buns, 9 to 14 oz, BOGO $7.49

Hydrant Electrolyte Powder Drink Mix, No Sugar Added Lemonade or Blood Orange, 8 ct box, BOGO $8.99


Plum Organics Baby Food, Stage 2, Mighty, or Mighty 4 Tots, 3.5 or 4 oz, B4G1


Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay Wine, 750-mL, $9.99

Del Vento Pinot Grigio Wine, 750-mL, 2/$15.99

Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750-mL, $13.99

Michelob Ultra Beer, 24-pk, 12 oz can or bot, or 20-pk, 12 oz bot, $25.99

Miller Lite, or Coors Light Beer, 15-pk, 16 oz bot, $19.29

Modelo Especial, or Pacifico Clara Beer, or Modelo Oro Light, Negra Modelo, or Pacifico Pilsner, 12-pk, 12 can or bot, $16.49

Ruffino Prosecco Wine, or Prosecco Rose, 750-mL, $15.49

Samuel Adams Beer, 12-pk, 12 oz can or bot, $16.99


Energy Power Nut Mix, $8.99/lb

Organic Sunny Gummy Bears, $8.99/lb

Whole Almonds, Roasted and Salted, $9.99/lb


GreenWise Organic Liquid Egg Whites, 16 oz, $4.99

So Good So You Organic Probiotic Shot, 1.7 oz, 4/$10


Boar’s Head Simplicity Roasted Turkey Breast, $15.09/lb

Boar’s Head Tex Mex BBQ Chicken Salad, 14 oz, $7.49

Boar’s Head Turkey Pesto Focaccia, Simplicity Organic Herb Roasted Turkey and Provolone, Served on Focaccia Bread with Pesto Mayonnaise, Roasted Red Peppers, and Arugula, Hot, $7

Marin Petite Brie Cheese, or Camembert, 4 oz, $7.69

Mediterranean-Style Bowl, or Burrito, Arugula, Diced Chicken, Farro with Roasted Tomatoes, Fennel and Orange Salad, and Parmesan Cheese, Hot, $8.99

Medium Key Lime Kombucha, 16 oz, $3.99

Roasted Veggie Pesto Pizza, 16-in, Pesto Sauce, Organic Mozzarella, Feta, and GreenWise Ricotta Cheese, Roasted Vegetables, and Basil on a White or Wheat Crust, Hot, $13.99

GreenWise Bagels, 4 ct, 12 oz, $2


Sunflower Bunch, 3/$10

Triple Rose Buds with Vase, $9.99


No Items In Category


Doritos Tortilla Chips, 6 to 10.75 oz bag, or Ruffles Potato Chips, 5.5 to 8.5 oz, B2G1
$0.50/1 Doritos tortilla chips (9.25 oz+, any flavor/variety) printable

GreenWise Organic Mustard, 12 oz bot, 2/$5

GreenWise Organic Pasta Sauce, 24 oz jar, $1.99

GreenWise Organic Tea Bags, 16 or 20 ct box, 2/$5

GreenWise Organic Tomato Sauce, 8 oz, $0.89

Vita Coco Coconut Water, 500-mL, B2G1

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice, or Juice, Juice Beverage, Juice Cocktail, 64 oz, or Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Juice Cocktail, 25.4 oz, 2/$7


No Items In Category


GreenWise Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 3-Roll, 2/$6


Applegate Naturals Bacon, 8 oz, 2/$9
$1/1 Applegate Product printable

Applegate Uncured Beef Hot Dogs, 10 oz, or Lunchmeats, 7 oz, B2G1
$1/1 Applegate Product printable

Free Graze Ribeye Steak, American-Style Kobe Beef, Boneless, $37.99/lb

GreenWise Beef Sirloin Kabobs, or Chicken Breast Kabobs with Vegetables, or Beef Sirloin or Beef Top Sirloin Kabobs with Tangy Thai-Style BBQ Sauce, $10.99/lb

GreenWise Gourmet Burger, Blue Cheese & Peppercorn, $7.99/lb

GreenWise Ground Chuck, $5.99/lb

GreenWise Handcrafted House-Seasoned Bacon, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese Gourmet Burger, $7.99/lb

GreenWise Lamb Loin Chops, $8.99/lb

GreenWise Pork Boston Butt Roast, Bone-In, $4.99/lb

GreenWise Keta Salmon Fillets, Wild, Fresh, Sustainably Sourced, $8.99/lb

GreenWise White Shrimp, Large, 26 to 30 per Pound, Wild, Sustainable, Previously Frozen, $8.99/lb

Salmon Select Cuts, Fresh, Responsibly Sourced, Farmed, 5.25 oz, $6.99


No Items In Category


GreenWise Organic Blueberries,18 oz, $4.99

GreenWise Organic Kombucha, 15 oz, 2/$5

GreenWise Organic Lemonade, 64 oz, 2/$6

GreenWise Organic Orange Juice, 52 oz, 2/$10

GreenWise Organic Tofu, Firm, Extra Firm, or Silken, 14 or 16 oz, 2/$5

Gum Drops Grapes, California-Grown, $3.99/lb

Mandarins, 3-lb, $4.99

Mangos, 5/$5

Organic Nectarines or Peaches, $2.99/lb

Pero Family Farms Organic Snipped Green Beans, or Vegetable Slaw, or Broccoli Florets, 8 to 12 oz, 3/$10