Here is the Publix GreenWise Market Ad & Matchups for the week Of 7/27 to 8/2 (7/26 to 8/1 For Some). There are a bunch of nice deals this week for those of you that have a GreenWise Market nearby! You can see a list of locations HERE.

You guys have been great about finding coupons that I don’t see for these organic deals… so let me know if you see a coupon that I’ve missed!


Cantaloupe Chunks, Small or Medium Size, BOGO $3.99/lb

Orchard Valley Harvest Heart Healthy Blend, or Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Omega-3 Mix, or Antioxidant Mix, 8 oz, BOGO $5.99

Pero Family Farms Organic Broccoli Florets, 8 oz, BOGO $4.99

So Good So You Organic Probiotic Shot, 1.7 oz, BOGO $3.29

Belgioioso Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Cillegine, 12 oz, BOGO $6.99

Perfect Bar Refrigerated Protein Bar, Snack Size: Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter, 8 ct, BOGO $8.59

Matlaw’s Stuffed Clams, or Scallops, Frozen, 9 or 11 oz, BOGO $5.99

Base Culture Bread, or Buns, 10 to 22 oz, BOGO $9.99

Emerald Cashews, or Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Almonds, Almonds & Walnuts, Glazed Walnuts, or Pecans, Sweet & Salty Mixed Nut Blends, or Virginia Peanut, 5 to 10 oz bag, BOGO $4.69

Eternal Spring Water, 1.5-L, BOGO $2.49

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, 9.6 to 13.3 oz, or Raisin Bran, 15.9 to 16.6 oz, BOGO $5.79
$1/2 Kellogg’s Cereals (Including Kellogg’s JUMBO SNAX) printable

M&M’s Chocolate Candies, Sharing Size, 7.4 to 10.05 oz, BOGO $5.89

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, 6 to 12 ct, 11.64 to 19.75 oz, or 30 oz jar, BOGO $6.99

Polaner All Fruit Spreadable Fruit, 15.25 oz, or Preserves, Jam, or Marmalade With Fiber, Sugar Free, 13.5 oz, BOGO $4.45

The Ginger People Organic Ginger, Minced or Sushi, 6.7 oz, BOGO $5.49

True Lemon Crystallized Lemon Substitute, or True Lime, 32 ct box, BOGO $3.85
$0.50/1 True Lemon or True Lime Drink Mix (Publix Digital Coupon)

V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice, 6-pk, 11.5 oz can, BOGO $5.79

Clean Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate Tea, Watermelon Mint, Blackberry, or Peach, 16 oz can, BOGO $2.99

Munk Pack Protein Bar, 2.96 oz, or Keto Nut & Seed, 1.23 oz, BOGO $2.50

Speed Stick Deodorant, or Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, 2.7 or 3 oz, or Lady Speed Stick, 2.3 oz, BOGO $3.54
$0.75/1 Speed Stick (2.7oz or larger) or any Lady Speed Stick (2.3oz or larger) Antiperspirant/Deodorant printable

Everyday Phalaenopsis Orchids, 5-in, BOGO $14.99


No Items In Category


Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel Wine, French Rose, 750-mL, $23.49

Justin Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750-mL, $25.49

Kona Beer, 12 pk, 12 oz, or Goose Island, 12-pk, 12 oz can, $14.99

Michelob Ultra Beer, 24-pk, 12 oz can or bot, or 20-pk, 12 oz bot, $25.99

Urgency Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750-mL, 2/$17.99

Vino Dell’Amicizia Pinot Grigio Wine, 750-mL, 2/$17.99

White Claw Hard Seltzer, Variety Pack No. 1, 12-pk, 12 oz can, $15.99


Energy Power Nut Mix, $8.99/lb

Organic Sunny Gummy Bears, $8.99/lb

Whole Almonds, Roasted and Salted, $9.99/lb


GreenWise Organic Butter, Grade AA, Salted or Unsalted, 16 oz, $5.79

GreenWise Organic Liquid Egg Whites, 16 oz, $4.99

Rana 5 Cheese Tortellini Pasta, or Spinach & Cheese Tortelloni, Family Size, 20 oz, $5.99


Boar’s Head PitCraft Slow Smoked Turkey Breast, $12.49/lb

Cheeseburger Pizza, 16-Inch, GreenWise Cheddar Cheese, Organic Mozzarella Cheese, Meatballs, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Garlic Oil on a Whole Grain or White Crust, Hot, $16.99

GreenWise Artisan BLT Sandwich, 9 oz, $6

Large Citrus Mule Soda, 24 oz, $3.99

Nachos, Tortilla Chips, Borracho or Black Beans, Queso and Toppings of Choice, Choice of Chicken, Beef, or Pork al Pastor, Hot, $8.99

Old Croc Cheddar Cheese, 7 oz, 2/$10

Phyllo Crisps, 2.8 oz, $4.19

Pizza Fondue, available to order at GreenWise Market Pizza Venue, $8

GreenWise Bagels, 4 ct, 12 oz, $2


Triple Rose Buds with Vase, $9.99


GreenWise Organic Multigrain Waffles, 7.4 oz, 2/$6

Just Bare Chicken Breast Bites, or Strips, Lightly Breaded; or Spicy Lightly Breaded: Fillets or Bites, Sold Frozen, 24 oz, $9.99


Dave’s Killer Bread Organic Breakfast Bread, Raisin the Roof, or Epic Everything, 18 oz, $5.99

GreenWise Organic Mayonnaise, 15 oz, $3.99

GreenWise Organic Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, $1.99

GreenWise Organic Rice, White or Brown, 32 oz bag, 2/$6

LaCroix Sparkling Water, 12-pk, 12 oz, B2G1 $6.15

Starbucks K-Cup Coffee, 10 ct, or Ground or Whole Bean, 10 to 12 oz, $8.99


The Patch Brand Wellness Patch, 15 ct, $6.99


Family Guard Disinfectant Cleaner, Trigger Spray, 32 oz bottle, or Spray, 17.5 oz, $2 Off

GreenWise Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 3-Roll, 2/$6


GreenWise Boneless Chicken Breast Fillets, Chili Lime Garlic Marinated, $6.99/lb

GreenWise Garlic and Red Pepper Glazed Pork Tenderloin, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Handcrafted House-Made Sausage, or Bratwurst, Raised Without Antibiotics, $5.99/lb

GreenWise Honey Mustard Tarragon Boneless Chicken Breast Fillets, $6.99/lb

GreenWise Lamb Loin Chops, Raised Without Antibiotics, $8.99/lb

GreenWise Pork Loin Back Ribs, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Pork Tenderloin, Maple Chipolte Glazed, $8.49/lb

Just Bare Chicken Breast Fillets, 18 oz, $7

Kiolbassa Organic Beef Sausage, 11.4 oz, $7.99

Maverick Ranch Organic Beef Filet Mignon, 6 oz, $11.09

Thousand Hills Organic Ground Beef, 100% Grass Fed, 85/15 Lean, 16 oz, $9.99

GreenWise Peeled & Deveined White Shrimp, Jumbo, 21 to 30 per Pound, $12.99/lb

GreenWise Sea Scallops, 20 to 40 per Pound, Wild, Sustainable Sourced, Previously Frozen, $17.99/lb

GreenWise White Shrimp, Extra Large, 21 to 25 per Pound, Sustainable, Farmed, Previously Frozen, $8.99/lb

Salmon Select Cuts, Fresh, Responsibly Sourced, Farmed, 5.25 oz, $6.99


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Cherries, $1.99/lb

GT’s Synergy Kombucha, Gingerade, Trilogy, Guava Goddess, Gingerberry, or Golden Pineapple, 48 oz, $6.99

GreenWise Organic Orange Juice, 52 oz, 2/$10

GreenWise Organic Seedless Grapes, Red or White, $2.99/lb

Organic Iceberg Lettuce, 2/$5

Organic Peaches or Nectarines, $2.99/lb

Tomatoes on the Vine, $1.49/lb

Verry Cherry Plum, $3.99/lb