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I am all about a tasty snack of HOPE Hummus with some tasty veggies. I can slice up some cucumber, carrots and radishes and serve with tub of that tasty hummus and voila… snack in seconds.

But, from time to time, I look for ways to add a little flair to snack time. So when I host a mom’s group or have some buddies over for brunch, I want to make my snack spread a little more exciting. That’s when I get creative and whip up something special like those Veggie Hummus Roses you see above.

They add such drama and beauty to a cheese plate, veggie tray or charcuterie board while still giving your guests the flavors that they love. And the best part, they are super simple to make.

You start by using a peeler to cut thin slices of cucumber. Then you spread a layer of HOPE Hummus on each slice. Next comes some thin sliced radishes, carrots or any colorful fruit/veggie that you love. All that’s left is to fold the cucumber in half to hold the filling and roll it all up into a fun flower. A few toothpicks inserted into the flower will help hold the shape and you end up with an elegant and delicious snack.

And you can make as many as you need. Make a few to add some drama to your snack board. Or go all out and create a bouquet of tasty snacks that’s sure to be the centerpiece at your next gathering.

You don’t need a lot of ingredients for this fun snack… you can even swap things out and create all kinds of different colorful and flavorful Veggie Hummus Roses. Try zucchini or romaine lettuce in place of the cucumber. Swap out the radishes for carrot, beets or apples. There are so many combinations, you just have to decide what flavors you are craving. And you can even mix and match the HOPE Hummus you use. With three tasty varieties, you just need to gather the ingredients and get creative!

  • HOPE Hummus Original Recipe
  • HOPE Hummus Sea Salt & Olive Oil
  • HOPE Hummus Spicy Avocado

All three varieties are packed with favor and taste like homemade. What sets hope apart is that HOPE uses special methods of cold, high pressure to retain fresh flavors, capture their unique made-at-home texture, and provide optimal nutrition and safety without the use of artificial preservatives. This technique is what makes their fresh taste different from other hummus products on the market!

And there’s another reason to love HOPE Hummus… they are now certified Plastic Neutral! Plastic Neutral means that they recover as much plastic from nature as they use in their products and packaging through their new partnership with rePurpose Global. By purchasing Hope Foods products, YOU can help them recover even more plastic from the environment. For each pack sold, they give back to rePurpose Global.

Serve some of these Veggie Hummus Roses at your next gathering. Be sure to take pictures and tag me (@iheartpublix) on your social media posts!