Here is the Publix GreenWise Market Ad & Matchups for the week Of 3/30 to 4/8 (3/29 to 4/8 For Some). There are a bunch of nice deals this week for those of you that have a GreenWise Market nearby! You can see a list of locations HERE.

You guys have been great about finding coupons that I don’t see for these organic deals… so let me know if you see a coupon that I’ve missed!


GT’s Synergy Organic Kombucha, or Alive Sparkling Probiotic Cider, 16 oz, BOGO $3.83

Giorgio Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms, Artichoke, Spinach & Cheese Blend, or Garlic & Parmesan, 8.5 oz, BOGO $5.99

Pero Family Farms Snipped Green Beans, Washed & Ready to Use, Microwavable Bag, 12 oz, BOGO $3.49

Castello Double Creme Blue Cheese, 5.1 oz, BOGO $6.99

Landana Gouda Chunk Cheese, 1000 Days Aged, 5.3 oz, BOGO $5.79

Chobani Greek Yogurt, or Zero Sugar Yogurt, 32 oz, BOGO $5.75

Monteli Organic Frozen Pizza, 12.34 to 15.31 oz, BOGO $6.99

Angie’s BOOM CHICKA POP Popcorn, 6-ct, 13.16 or 19.74 oz, BOGO $6.99

Back To Nature Crackers, or Cookies, 4 to 12 oz, BOGO $4.29

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Mill, or Super Fine Almond Flour, Gluten Free, 16 oz, BOGO $12.99

Eternal Spring Water, Naturally Alkaline, 1.5-L, BOGO $2.49

Hershey’s Share Pack Bags, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, York Peppermint Patties, Rolo, Heath Bar, Kit Kat, Almond Joy, or Mounds, 7.3 to 10.8 oz, BOGO $5.29

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, 6 to 12 ct, 11.64 to 19.75 oz, or 30 oz jar, BOGO $6.99

Planters Cashews Halves, or Mixed Nuts, 8 to 10.3 oz, (excluding Deluxe Mixed Nuts), BOGO $7.19

Thomas’ English Muffins, 12 or 13 oz, BOGO $5.29

Natural Vitality Magnesium Dietary Supplement, 8 or 16 oz, or 120 ct, BOGO $37.99

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics, or Kids Tummy Gummy, 30 ct, BOGO $37.99

Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, 2.6 oz, (Excluding Dove 0%, Advanced Car, and Even Tone), BOGO $4.31

Neocell Beauty Shield Collagen, Blackberry Lemon; or Hair, Skin and Nails Beauty Builder, Lemon, 60 ct, BOGO $16.99


No Items In Category


B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, or Sauvignon Blanc, Silver Label, 750-mL, 2/$26.99

Blue Moon Beer, 12-pk, 12 oz can or bot, $16.99

Gancia Prosecco Wine, 750-mL, 2/$16.99

Michelob Ultra Beer, 24-pk, 12 oz can or bot, or 20-pk, 12 oz, $26.79

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Organic Light Lager, 18-pk, 12 oz, $26.79

Modelo Especial or Corona Extra Beer, or Corona Light, Premier, or Familiar, or Negra Modelo, or Pacifico Clara, or Pacifico Pilsner, 12-pk, 12 oz, $15.99

Natura Pinot Noir Wine, 750-mL, 2/$13.99

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne, 750-mL, $59.99


Mammoth Pecan Halves, $13.99/lb

Organic Medjool Dates, $8.99/lb

Walnut Halves Pieces, $9.99/lb


GreenWise Organic Butter, Grade AA, Salted or Unsalted, 16 oz, $5.99

GreenWise Organic Large Brown Eggs, Cage-Free, 6 ct, $2.99


Boar’s Head Simplicity Grilled Roast Beef, $16.99/lb

Chicken Tender Whole Sub, $8.49

Large Nitro Coffee, 16 oz, $4.09

Meatball and Cheese Tortellini, with Balsamic Marinara, Topped with Organic Mozzarella Cheese, Hot, $8.49

Sartori Bellavitano Cheese, or SarVecchio Wheel, $15.99/lb

Southern Cobb Salad, 16 oz, $6.99

Stuffed Mushrooms, Hot, With an Italian Chicken Sausage and Cheese Blend and Topped with Spinach Alfredo Sauce, $7

Brioche Dinner Rolls, 8 ct, French Recipe, 9 oz, $3.69


Easter Lillies, 6-in Pot, $8.99

Tulips, 6-in Pot, $6.99


Amy’s Frozen Entrees, 8.25 to 10.3 oz, 2/$11


BODYARMOR Sports Drink, or Lyte, 8-pk, 12 oz, 2/$12

Dave’s Killer Bread Organic Breakfast Bread, Raisin the Roof, or Epic Everything, 18 oz, $5.99

GreenWise Organic Mayonnaise, 15 oz, $3.99

GreenWise Organic Rice, White or Brown, 32 oz bag, 2/$7

GreenWise Organic Vegetables, Whole Kernel Corn, Sweet Peas or Cut Green Beans, 14.5 or 15 oz, 2/$3

GreenWise Unfiltered Honey, Creamed, 12 oz, $4.99

LaCroix Sparkling Water, 12-pk, 12 oz, B2G1
$1/1 La Croix Sparkling Water A1A Coupon 

Starbucks Ground Coffee, or Whole Bean, 10 to 12 oz bag, or K-Cups, 10 ct, $7.99
$1/1 Starbucks Packaged Coffee, 10 to 12 oz bags, or K-Cup Pods, 10 ct (Publix Digital Coupon)

Wahlburgers Dill Spears, or Chips, 32 oz, 2/$11


Zhou Dietary Supplement, 2 to 18 oz, or 30 to 180 ct, 25% off


GreenWise Automatic Dishwashing Pacs, Single-Use, Lemon Scented, 18 ct, 2/$9

GreenWise Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 3-Roll, 2/$6


Applegate Naturals Bacon, 8 oz, 2/$8
$1/1 Applegate Product printable

Coleman Natural Semi-Boneless Half Ham, Smoked, Fully Cooked, $3.99/lb

Free Graze Ribeye Steak, American-Style Kobe Beef, Boneless, $30.99/lb

GreenWise Angus Standing Rib Roast, $8.99/lb

GreenWise Fresh Turkey, 10 to 24-lb, $2.39/lb

GreenWise Garlic and Red Pepper Glazed Pork Tenderloin, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Handcrafted House-Seasoned Bacon, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Lamb Leg, Center-Cut, $7.99/lb

GreenWise Pork Tenderloin, Maple Chipolte Glazed, $8.49/lb

GreenWise Seasoned Meatballs, $7.49/lb

GreenWise Seasoned Meatloaf, $7.49/lb

La Pasta Organic Cheese Ravioli, or Butternut Squash, or Tomato, Mozzarella, & Basil, 8 oz, $3.99

Bluehouse Atlantic Salmon Fillets, Fresh From Florida, Sustainable, Farmed, $13.99/lb

GreenWise Snow Crab Clusters, Wild, Sustainably Sourced, Previously Frozen, $14.99/lb

Lobster Tails, Small, Wild, Responsibly Sourced, Previously Frozen, 3 oz, $5.99

White Shrimp, Colossal, Responsibly Sourced, Farmed, Previously Frozen, $9.99/lb


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Del Monte Gold Pineapple, or Publix Peeled and Cored Pineapple, $2.99

GreenWise Organic Baby Carrots, 16 oz, 2/$4

GreenWise Organic Orange Juice, 52 oz, 2/$10

Organic Celery, 2/$4

Organic Green Cabbage, $0.99/lb

Organic Strawberries, 16 oz, 2/$6

Organic Sweet Potatoes, $0.99/lb

Organic Tomatoes on the Vine, $1.99/lb

Organicgirl Organic Salads, Baby Spring Mix, Baby Spinach, or 50/50 Salad Blend, 10 oz, 2/$10