This post is sponsored by White Cloud®. All comments and opinions are my own.

Basketball games will be plentiful this month. I expect a lot of game day action here at my house. Between my husband and my oldest son, I can expect a constant influx of guests coming over to help cheer on their favorite teams.

Sometimes my guys plan their get togethers and give me a heads up about people and the number of folks expected. Other times, I find out when the door bell rings. In all honesty, I don’t mind either way. I love to entertain and am always thrilled that our house is the place they choose to gather.

Knowing that a party can happen at any time, I like to keep a few things handy. Chips, frozen pizzas, wings, popcorn and soda are ideal for a last minute gathering and help me to whip up snacks in a flash. And, there is another must-have product for this time of year as well… White Cloud® Bath Tissue!

Yes, with the increase in the number of folks at my house, I have to also make sure I keep my bathrooms stocked with plenty of White Cloud® Bath Tissue for pit stops on game day!

Having plenty of bath tissue handy is a necessity for general family usage… but, I think that need is amplified when you have guests in your home. I would never want my guests to find an empty roll an an inopportune time. So, I try to stock up when I know there’s a chance the bath tissue usage will increase!

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