Look For A Couple Of Freebies At Publix

Jan 8, 2023 | Deals, Freebies | 5 comments

Amy emailed to let us know about a couple of new freebies. Visit the Publix Digital Coupon page to see if you have the following.

I have never seen the Starry soda… but I’ll look for it now 😉

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  1. I got these two on my account. Also, possibly a money-maker for those in areas where B1G1F items are half-price…. There’s a Publix electronic coupon for $3 off a bag of Lay’s. The Lay’s in my area are about $2.29 when half price, so the $3 coupon would make them free with a little overage that would apply to other items in the cart. The coupon expire at the end of this Tuesday.

  2. I received both digitals as well. I also had a digital freebie for a Kate’s Real Food Bar. I think it was under Health and Nutrition category.

    • Thanks Rhonda, it was under Health & Nutrition as you said.

    • Thanks! I found that one too

  3. When you go in the store the Pepsi company should have a display at the entrance with the Starry soda single bottles. If not ask someone in grocery as this is stocked by Pepsi and they leave cases of it in the back room. They will gladly get you what you need. Basically Starry is like Sierra Mist. It’s a new lemon-lime soda. It’s free but you pay tax on it.

    The Yakult is in the Dairy section after the display of yogurts. It’s $3.79 where I live, but it comes out free after DC

    Also, Tate’s cookies 1 ounce for $1.25 DC came in my app for like the 3rd time again. They are also free.


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