Serve Up A Delicious Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board At Your Next Gathering With The Help Of Hormel Foods Products

Dec 12, 20220 comments

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When it comes to holiday party food, there are lots of choices. I have dozens and dozens of snacks and appetizers that are always popular at my gatherings. But, my most requested party tray is definitely my Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board.

It’s the ideal addition to a party spread as you get a tasty drink AND delicious snacks all in one easy to prepare snack board.

Like other holiday charcuterie boards, you simply arrange a variety of goodies for your guests to pick and choose from. The difference is, this tray includes a drink component. Start with your favorite Bloody Mary Mix and a bottle of vodka then add a variety of snacks including  pepperoni, bacon, nuts, and other toppings to help take the basic Bloody Mary to the next level.

I have experimented over the years and have come up with a fantastic mix of items that are always a hit at my gatherings. I like to include spicy and salty toppings, pickled items, sliced citrus and fresh ingredients so that everyone has options. The specific toppings can vary slightly but there are a few must-have items that I include every single time.

First, there’s HORMEL® Pepperoni. With top-quality ingredients and a zesty taste you can’t get enough of, HORMEL®Pepperoni pairs perfectly with this classic cocktail. I like to skewer that tasty pepperoni with blue cheese stuffed olives and a big chunk of cheese. A sip and then a bite… mmm, absolute heaven!

A stalk of celery is a traditional garnish but I like to add a strip of HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon to my drink as well. Crispy and delicious, that hardwood smoked bacon is the perfect texture to enjoy with a cold, spicy cocktail.

Additional board items can include pickles, pepperoncini, pickled okra, cocktail shrimp, fresh jalapeño, citrus slices and cherry tomatoes. And of course, you have to include lots of PLANTERS® Nuts for snacking. A cold beverage and a handful of nuts just can’t be beat. Just gather your ingredients and place them out for your guests to create their perfect cocktail/snack combination.

From tasty snacks to delicious meals, you’ll find the products you need to make your festivities great, no matter the size. Visit your local Publix and stock up on everything you need to add great taste to all your holiday gatherings. Serve up a Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board at your next gathering and if you take pictures, be sure to tag me (@iheartpublix). I’d love to see your party spread!

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