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The holiday season is just around the corner. This is a magical time of year with lots of festive gathering and celebrations. I anticipate many days filled with friends, family, fun and lots of tasty food.

But that holiday magic won’t happen without a little help! I’ll be doing a ton of prep and planning before the events in hopes that everything goes smoothly.

Prep is a necessity when it comes to those big family meals. I prepare and cook several days before Thanksgiving just to be ready for the big day. And, I purposely make more food than I need. I want to ensure that I have enough to feed everyone AND have plenty of leftovers to keep me out of the kitchen for at least a couple of days!

I will also try to send my guests home with samplings of their favorite holiday foods. So, I always make sure to have good supply of Ziploc® brand products on hand.

Whether it’s pre-meal preparations or food storage, I know that Ziploc® brand products have me covered.

For the holidays or any other day, I depend on the bags and containers to help me with all my storage needs. They are easy to use and keep my food safe and secure until needed. It’s no wonder they were voted the #1 most trusted food storage brand in America.*

Knowing that I will go through a lot of storage bags in the next few weeks, I’ll definitely need to stock up.

Top of my shopping list is plenty of Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags.

Featuring Grip n’ Seal technology that includes easy-open tabs and non-slip textured grips, Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags are easy to open, hold and seal. And the airtight zipper ensures that each storage bag blocks out air to help keep your foods fresh.

So what are YOU waiting for? Head into Publix and get ready for lots of holiday fun.

Lock in the flavor, then unloc the fun with the help of Ziploc® brand products!