NEW At Publix – Saratoga Sparkling and Still Spring Water

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It’s always fun to stroll the aisles at Publix and find new products. It’s easy to get into a rut, purchasing the same things week after week. So those new items can be a great change of pace.

The next time you visit the water aisle at your local Publix, be on the lookout for a great new addition – Saratoga Spring Water! Their beautiful cobalt blue bottles will be hard to miss.

Available in 28-ounce bottles, you’ll find two options: Saratoga Natural Spring Water and Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water.

Saratoga Sparkling 

Carbonated • Sodium Free • Spring Water

Saratoga Sparkling is natural spring water that’s enhanced with effervescent, lively bubbles. With a balanced mineral content, help cleanse the palate and complement the flavors of fine food and wine.

Saratoga Still

Non-Sparkling • Sodium Free • Spring Water

Saratoga Still is a natural spring water product that has a smooth mouth feel.  The crisp taste refreshes your tastebuds, allowing the flavors from any dish prepared to shine.

Served in some of America’s finest restaurants, hotels and resorts, Saratoga Spring Water is now available at Publix. Go and purchase a bottle, take a sip, and savor the Saratoga experience.

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