This post is sponsored by Talenti. All comments and opinions are my own.

Don’t you love products that do double-duty? It’s especially great when that product is something that tastes absolutely AMAZING. Yep, I am talking about Talenti Gelato.

I love to see a full tub of that tasty Gelato in my freezer and take pleasure emptying it scoop by indulgent scoop. But I also get super excited once that tub is completely empty. That’s because I know that empty Talenti tub will soon get a new use.

Once the gelato is gone, Talenti tubs are ideal for storage all over my home.

I use them in the kitchen to store leftovers, organize pastas, spices, dry goods and so many other things. A quick label and my mess is under control.

My husband uses them in the garage to organize small hardware like screws, nuts and bolts. He has a whole setup on his workbench with the tubs secured under a shelf. He simply screwed the lids to the underside of the cabinet so that he can unscrew the jar, grab what he needs then screw it back to the underside of the shelf. It keeps him organized AND his workstation stays tidy!

Even my boys have a big collection of Talenti tubs. They are ideal for storing art supplies, tiny blocks, those small video game cartridges… basically all those small things that tend to get tossed and lost!

Need a fun gift for your younger kiddo? Grab a thin scrap piece of wood and attach a couple of Talenti tubs to the wood with some screws. You’ll have the perfect portable art station like you see above. It’s perfect for keeping supplies handy and great for on-the-go!

Head into Publix and stock up on all your favorite flavors then be sure to save those containers. Do you all have tips or creative ways that YOU use them!