Start The School Day Off Right With Delicious Carnation Breakfast Essentials® – Grab Savings At Publix

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Can you believe the first day of school is right around the corner?! I feel like summer break gets shorter and shorter every year! Pretty soon the kiddos will have to set alarms, get up early and head off to school. And if your kids are anything like mine, they would gladly trade breakfast time for a little more shut eye!

That’s where Carnation Breakfast Essentials® saves the day! Even on busy mornings, your family can enjoy a delicious and nutrient-packed breakfast drink with little to no effort at all. The best part, each yummy sip will give them essential nutrients they need to start the day right.

You just can’t beat the taste or the convenience of Carnation Breakfast Essentials® products! Choose their nutritional powder drink mix or ready-to-drink cartons for breakfast nutrition made easy! And with lots of tasty flavors, your family can start the day with the taste that they love!

The ready-to-drink cartons are so easy and super convenient. I can grab a carton for myself and hand one to my kids as they’re headed out the door and be confident that we are getting key nutrients to start the day right!

I also like having Carnation Breakfast Essentials® nutritional power drink mix on hand as well. It’s nice to know that I have a shelf-stable pantry option that’s ready when I need it. Just mix with 1 cup of skim milk and you’ve got an easy breakfast drink that’s nutrient-packed and tastes delicious!

If fact, when mixed with 1 cup of skim milk, each serving provides 13 grams of protein to help build and maintain muscle plus 21 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins C & D, key nutrients for immune support, and you got yourself a nutrient-packed breakfast drink! Or if you are feeling creative, use the nutritional power drink mix in your favorite recipes. Try blending it with yogurt or adding it to your favorite smoothie for a flavor & nutrient punch!

Right now you can get tasty breakfast nutrition without breaking the bank. Look for a big discount on your favorite Carnation Breakfast Essentials® products right now at Publix.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Nutritional Powder Drink Mix 10 ct, $5.99
$2/2 Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Product Publix Digital Coupon
$4.99 per pack… 50¢ per serving!

Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Ready-to-Drink Tetra Pak® Cartons 6 pk, $7.39+
$2/2 Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Product Publix Digital Coupon
$6.39 per pack… $1.07 per serving!

Don’t miss your chance to save! Head over to the breakfast aisle at your local Publix and stock up on a nutrient-packed breakfast drink that your whole family will love.

Then go ahead, hit that snooze button… with help from Carnation Breakfast Essentials®!

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