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With prices surging, eating from home is really the smart choice. Delivery and takeout can take a chunk out of your budget. So when my guys are hankering for pizza, homemade is the only way to go!

Not only can you save some money by making your own pizza, you end up with a finished product that tastes so much better than lukewarm take-out. And while delivery might be a little easier, homemade pizza will always be the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Everyone here has a favorite pizza so I change things up just to keep everyone happy. And while the crust and toppings may change, my go-to pizza sauce brand does not! I can always count on Mutti® Sauce for Pizza to help me create delicious meals for my family. With three delicious flavors to select from – Parma, Napoli, Positano – I  have just what I need for the perfect pie, every single time.

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Right now is the perfect time to add homemade pizza to your menu. Head over to Publix while you can save some moolah and pick up Mutti® Sauce for Pizza while it’s on sale 2 for $6.

Mutti® Sauce for Pizza 14 oz, 2/$6

Stock up on all the delicious varieties. Go with Parma, with savory bits of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or Napoli with fresh basil, or choose Positano with bursts of garlic and oregano. Just know that whichever variety you choose you will get great taste.

So when pizza night rolls around,  you can choose whatever crust and topping you want… but if you want an authentic Italian delicious pizza, stick with Mutti® Sauce for Pizza!