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With all the New Year’s resolutions and many of us trying to starting the year off eating healthier, why not include the little ones in the journey?! It’s easy… give them a nourishing start with Plum Organics® baby food and snacks!

Plum Organics® was founded with a belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite. That’s why they are here to support you and your little one with a big selection of nutritious foods and snacks.

In fact, you’ll find products to meet the needs of your little one as they transition through the various stages.

Start your baby off right with Plum Organics® pouches. With a variety of flavorful blends and meals, you can grab the product that works best for your baby’s age and stage!

Using only non-GMO, organic ingredients Plum Organics® pouches offer your little one the taste that they love and the convenience that you need. With a variety of flavors and easy-to-use resealable pouches, you get DIY organic baby food without actually having to DIY. That’s great news for busy parents. After all, you’ve got enough on your plate, let Plum Organics® take care of theirs!

Plum Organics Jammy Sammy 5-Pack Is FREE At Publix on I Heart PublixAnd when it comes to snack time, Plum Organics® has you covered there too!

For the little one, delicious Super Puffs® are the perfect first finger food. These bite-sized, nutritious puffed snacks, are made with whole grains and organic veggies and fruit. Packed with 7 essential vitamins and minerals, Super Puffs® delight tiny taste buds with a rainbow of nutritional goodness.

To encourage self-feeding and help soothe teething gums, Plum Organics® Little Teethers are a great option. Delight budding palates with unique flavors in an organic multi-grain snack you can feel good about.

You can also pick up snacks for your growing kiddo too. Teensy Snacks® are soft, fruit snacks made with yummy fruit. Sized perfectly for little mouths to chew, these soft bites are sure to be a hit when snack time rolls around. And with a variety of bars, you are sure to find lots of flavors that are sure to please even the pickiest eater. Choose from Mighty Snack Bars® that have whole grains and 11 essential vitamins and minerals, Mighty Nut Butter Bar™  multigrain bars are made with whole grains and a creamy nut butter filling. And finally, Jammy Sammy® is a snack-size twist on a lunchbox favorite. Each pocket-friendly bar is made with flavors that kids love. You can’t go wrong no matter which snack you choose.

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