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The perfect cup of coffee is a very personal experience. There are folks who drink it black. Others like to add a little sweetener and maybe some creamer. Some enjoy it over ice or loaded with a variety of flavors and syrups. I bet if you asked 10 different people, you’d get 10 different versions of that perfect cup.

But you know what, they are all perfect! Each and every person knows what makes their perfect cup of coffee.

You know who else knows coffee? The folks at Gevalia are well versed in the perfect cup. In fact they are of the oldest names in the coffee game, and it shows in the quality they brew their blends with. Using traditional brewing techniques that date back generations, they’ve been crafting coffee the Swedish way for over 150 years,

First, they slow roast the bean, then snap cool them to bring out the best before they’re ground into over 20 different premium bagged varieties. The result is a carefully crafted brew that speaks for itself. Or, rather, sips for itself. This isn’t some chalky brew you want to chug your way through. Take a little time and appreciate that artisan-style quality that only comes from over 150 years in the coffee business, and you’ll understand why those distinctive gold bags should be your go-to when you shop the coffee aisle.

Whether you’re already a fan of Gevalia or need a little extra convincing, you can grab a great deal with the BOGO savings available now at your local Publix. There are so many blends to choose from, so no matter what type of coffee experience you prefer, you should have no problem finding great taste AND getting great savings.

Choose from bagged coffee, coffee pods and even espresso.. Mix and match and get what you need for your perfect cup!

Gevalia Kaffe Bagged Coffee 16 oz, BOGO $8.39
Just $4.20 per bag!

Gevalia Espresso Coffee, 10 ct, BOGO $7.99
$4 each after coupon.

Gevalia Kaffe Coffee, K-Cups, 6 to 12 ct box, BOGO $9.29
$4.56 per box…as low as 39¢ per pod!

Don’t miss out on the BOGO offer available 9/16 to 9/22 (9/15 to 9/21 for some) at your local Publix. Stock up and start your day with great taste AND a great price!

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