Pick Up Price*s Pimiento Cheese At Your Local Publix - New Look, Same Great Flavor! on I Heart Publix 2

Pick Up Price*s Pimiento Cheese At Your Local Publix – New Look, Same Great Flavor!

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This post is sponsored by Price*s. All comments and opinions are my own.

When I was a little girl, I would spend summer breaks with my grandparents in South Georgia.

They lived in a very rural area and so most of the food we ate was grown or raised on their farm. There was no drive-thru or food delivery available, so every single meal was homemade. We went “to town” once every couple of weeks to grab those pantry staples.

While I was not really old enough to cook the meals, I was a great helper and would gather ingredients and prep items as much as I could. I spent hours snapping peas, shelling pecans and grating huge quantities of cheese each week.

I probably grated five pounds of cheese each week so that my grandma could make her homemade pimiento cheese. Then when lunchtime rolled around, we’d pull out some white bread and enjoy a tasty pimiento cheese sandwich. That was our lunch just about every single day of the week.

These days whenever I am craving pimiento cheese, I don’t pull out the grater. Instead, I just grab a tub of Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread.

Available in the dairy aisle, Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread offers you a quick and convenient way to bring home the traditional homemade taste you love. Just pop the top and enjoy on a sandwich, as a dip with veggies and crackers, piped into deviled eggs or as a topping on a tasty burger.

And while the recipes haven’t changed, the Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread packaging has been refreshed and each variety has a new name.

  • Price*s Rich & Savory Pimiento Cheese Spread (previously called Southern Style – made with mayo)
  • Price*s Sweet & Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread (previously called Original – made with salad dressing)

Perfect for your favorite meals and recipes, Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread is a quick and convenient way to enjoy that taste you love… no prep needed! Simply open a tub and pair with veggies and crackers for a quick and easy appetizer. Or if have a little time and want to spice things, up you can stuff that tasty pimiento cheese into jalapeños and wrap with bacon for a snack that is sure to please.

My guys request this recipe constantly and since it’s quick and easy, I am happy to oblige their request. Of course, if you are looking for more ways to serve up Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread, visit the Price*s website.

Be on the lookout for the fresh new look and bring home that traditional flavor that just can’t be beat. With football season in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, now would be a great time to grab a tub (or two) when you shop at your local Publix.

Pick Up Price*s Pimiento Cheese At Your Local Publix - New Look, Same Great Flavor! on I Heart Publix 5

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