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America’s birthday is almost here, and I’ve got our 4th of July celebration all planned out!

Even if you’re not the planning type, you can still throw a killer cookout with the help of Brooklyn Burger Steakhouse Burgers. These premium-blend steakhouse burgers are made from high quality cuts of beef for the juiciest, most flavorful burger you’ll find. And right now you can grab the boxes at a nice discount.

Head to the frozen meat aisle and pick up the boxes while they are on sale for $12.69 at your local Publix.

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I love them because they take the effort out of cooking out. Sure, you could mix up some ground beef and form your own patties by hand, but if you’re anything like me, you’d rather be spending more time hanging out with friends and family than in the kitchen.  Just grab a box from the freezer, throw a few patties on the grill or in the pan, and get cooking. They don’t even need to be thawed beforehand.

The Premium Blend Steakhouse Burger are made with only 100% USDA Choice cuts of beef, including chuck, brisket, and short rib. Pair with your favorite fixins and a brioche or pretzel bun and the result is a steakhouse-style burger right in the comfort of your own home or backyard. 

Grab a couple of boxes while they are on sale and cook up something tasty at your holiday gathering.

You really can’t go wrong stocking your freezer with a few boxes for when you need a quick, satisfying dinner without a lot of prep or planning. Save now at Publix.

Pick Up Brooklyn Burgers Steakhouse Burgers For Your July 4th Celebration - Save Now At Publix on I Heart Publix 1