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It’s been a bit cooler than usual this year, but the time has come…our pool is officially open for the season!

This is the latest we have opened it as I am usually swimming by Mother’s Day. But, I am thrilled that it will be ready for our Memorial Day fun! We are all really looking forward to being able to get outside and splash around with friends. With the craziness of last year, we are more than ready to make up lost time with friends and family and already planning a big weekend of fun.

The pool looks great, all the towels are fresh and clean and I have a big supply of Alba Botanica ready to go!

While it’s early in the season, the sun can still do major damage quickly. There’s no way I am going to end my weekend of fun feeling misery with a sunburn. Alba Botanica Suncare is the perfect way to keep those harmful UV rays at bay. Its water-resistant, non-greasy formula provides SPF 50 protection on contact and can be sprayed on at any angle so there are no blotchy, unprotected spots. Plus, it’s made from all-natural ingredients and is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

I try to keep plenty handy for my guests as well. Folks are so excited to swim they often show up without towels or sunscreen. So I keep extras just in case!

You know who never forgets her Alba Botanica Suncare? Olympic and World Tour Surfer Caroline Marks. She’ll be representing the U.S. at this year’s Tokyo Olympics and the first-ever medal event for competitive surfing, and she’ll be doing it with her preferred brand of suncare. We’re rooting for you, Caroline!

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