When you need a meal or snack in a flash, what do you grab? Well, if chips or junk food are the only thing you think are an easy option, I have some great news!

Dole Crafted Smoothie Blends® offer you an easy and delicious way to enjoy great taste in a flash. Just grab your favorite liquid and a pre-portioned bag of fruit and blend. It only takes a few minutes to whip up a wholesome and refreshingly delicious smoothie.

The smoothies are the perfect thing for my busy day. I don’t have to gather, chop or guess what kinds of different fruits to use. There’s basically no prep needed and cleanup is a breeze! The blends take the guesswork out of smoothies with the perfect combinations of ingredients and flavors. If you have ever tried to figure out how much of a certain fruit to use and what flavors pair together, you know it’s not always easy. But Dole Crafted Smoothie Blends take the hassle out of creating the perfect smoothie. There’s no need to guess on measurements or bother trying a bunch of different fruit combinations, the premium blends deliver an artisan smoothie experience with almost no effort.

Each package has FIVE pre-portioned bags which gives me enough great taste all week long! And, both the Tropical Fruit Blend with Dragon Fruit and Banana Mango Berry with Refreshing Kiwi varieties are made with all-natural fruit and are an Excellent Source of Vitamin C.

Both varieties are just as nutritious as fresh fruit making them a great option for a snack or mini-meal that you can enjoy in no time flat. Available in the frozen fruit section at Publix, each bag is a combination of delicious fruits that will elevate your smoothie experience from simple to sublime!

Dole Crafted Smoothie Blends® or Dole Boosted Blends®, 32 – 40 oz, $8.99

Look for both varieties on sale through 5/21 as part of the new Extra Savings Flyer. Visit the frozen fruit section at your local Publix and stock your freezer with a delicious and super convenient way to add great taste to your day. Dole has a hassle-free, delicious smoothie solution to fit your needs.

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