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Get Ready For The Brooklyn Burger Steakhouse Burgers BOGO Sale At Publix!

Apr 22, 2021 | #, Deals | 5 comments

This post is sponsored by Brooklyn Burger. All comments and opinions are my own.

Grilling season is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier here at my house! Food just seems to taste better cooked over an open flame, especially when it’s one our favorite foods…hamburgers!

When it comes to burgers, Brooklyn Burger Steakhouse Burgers are some of the best around. And just in time for grilling season, both varieties will be on sale buy one get one free at Publix—starting 4/29 (4/28 for some). I can’t remember if we have ever had a BOGO sale on the burgers so I knew you’d want a heads up for planning purposes.

You know what that means…it’s the perfect time to clean out your freezer so you have room to stock up for summer!

Burgers are always a fantastic meal option because they’re easy to customize, so everyone gets the type of burger they enjoy most. And just by changing out the toppings, you change out the meal entirely. Cheeseburgers are our go-to meal, but there’s all sorts of ways to put your own personal spin on a burger.

Then there’s the pairings. The obvious answer for most is french fries, but if you want to do the whole meal on the grill, why not try some grilled corn on the cob? Remove the husks and grill the cobs for 18 to 20 minutes, turning occasionally. You’ll know they’re ready when the kernels have softened and are showing some light char. Just like that, you’ve got a deliciously sweet treat to pair with those juicy burgers!

Maybe the best part about these burgers is that they’re easy to prep and there’s virtually no clean up. Just grab some patties from the freezer, toss them on the grill, and you’re off and running. We all know summer can get pretty hectic, so having that no-fuss dinner option in the back pocket is a real relief.

Remember, this BOGO sale will start 4/29 and run through 5/5 (4/28 to 5/4 for some), I’ll give you a reminder so you don’t forget to grab your deal.

Stock Your Freezer With Delicious Brooklyn Burger Steakhouse Burgers - On Sale NOW At Publix on I Heart Publix 1

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  1. Which ones are the best? Has anyone tried them both?

    • We like them both–my guys will happily eat either. I usually just grab a couple of each 😉

  2. I wish we could post gifs on this site so you could see my happy dance right now

  3. Darn it Michelle,
    Just when I can’t squeeze another thing in my freezer these burgers are BOGO. Will be making room some how but I am seriously packed where Red’s burrito’s keep falling out of my freezer.

    • Hahaha—I have a couple of teenage boys who could clear out those burritos in a flash–tee hee!


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