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No matter how much I hope and wish, my house just won’t clean itself. I promise you…I make that wish every day but nothing ever happens—unless of course, I do it myself.

My guys throw in a little help here and there but if I really want things clean, it’s up to me to get it done. BUT—I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. I choose quality cleaning products that make cleaning quick and easy.

That’s why I keep my cabinets stocked with plenty of Lemi Shine products!

Lemi Shine is the perfect option for keeping your home clean without having to compromise on safety. Safer ingredients and powerful formulas get things clean the first time and keep the family (including the fur babies) safe from harsh chemicals and toxic residue.

Right now you’ll find a sale on terrific products that help us make everything look it’s best. Look for all your favorite Lemi Shine products on sale buy one, get one FREE as part of the sale this week at Publix!

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You gotta try Lemi Shine® Dishwashing Detergent! You’ll love the powder + gel combo pack. The hard working product means that you can take plates directly from the table to dishwasher. The powerful citric extracts in Lemi Shine make every dish, glass, fork, spoon, and sippy cup clean like new…without unnecessary chemicals! So your dishes are 100% clean! ​

Lemi Shine cleaning products are powered by citric extracts – a safe and effective formula that fights against stains, hard water spots + film, stubborn grease and stuck-on food.

The best part—there is zero toxic residue. ​Many conventional cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals that remain on the surface of dishes and countertops unless they’re thoroughly wiped away after use. With Lemi Shine, no additional rinse or wipe down is needed.

Why not grab a bottle of Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster? It’s the quick and easy way for spotless glasses!

Because citric acids soften hard water, you won’t get those cloudy mineral deposits on your glasses or any other dish in your dishwasher. In fact, the inside of your dishwasher will sparkle as well. Every dish and glass will be spotless, saving you time from inspecting and wiping each glass. Just load your washer and let the citric extracts do the rest.

For shiny surfaces, just keep a bottle of Lemi Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner handy.

Made with non-toxic cleaners that don’t leave residue, streaks or off-putting fumes, Lemi Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner  cuts your cleaning costs and time by using a citric acid-based glass and surface cleaner that binds to grease for easy cleaning. Use it to wipe down counters, mirrors and glass without switching products and get streak-free results. Plus, Lemi Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner is made with a naturally-derived polymer that creates an invisible barrier to repel dust, fingerprints and water spots. That means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your guests.

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