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Get Savings On Talenti, Ben & Jerry’s & Magnum At Publix – Get Tasty Treats For Your Whole Family!

Oct 16, 2020 | #, Deals, Digital Coupons | 0 comments

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Everyone in my family loves a frozen treat.  But, we all have a different ideas of what makes the perfect treat.

My husband doesn’t like anything with nuts. Jeb prefers plain flavors so that he can add lots of his own toppings. Jake likes cookies, chocolate and ice cream with lots of “things” so he gets a variety of flavors in each bite.

Then there is me…

I am not sure I have ever had a frozen treat that I didn’t love. Seriously, I will eat any ice cream, bar, gelato, popsicle, sherbet, sorbet—any variety, in any flavor and will never complain! Of course I have some favorites—but, I will NEVER turn down a tasty treat.

For all my fellow ice cream-aholics, I have some great news. Visit the Publix digital coupon page and look for three high value coupons. Load them all and pick up delicious frozen treats for everyone in your family.

I think the hard part will be deciding which varieties to add to your freezer. Really I don’t think you can go wrong no matter what you choose.

You better believe that I’ll happily add a new Talenti container to my stash. I have a huge collection of containers that I use all around my house. And, I guarantee you that my guys will be happy to help me empty out that container.

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