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All of my guys love breakfast egg cups. I’ll make a batch and my guys will eat them for breakfast over a few days. My recipe isn’t hard but I have to plan ahead. I have to grab the ingredients, cook my recipe and then store all the egg cups and heat as I need them.

Luckily I have a shortcut to give my guys what they love without all the effort. Thanks to Jimmy Dean® Casserole Bites, I can have breakfast on the table in just minutes. I don’t have to gather ingredients or turn on my oven. My guys get a hearty, HOT breakfast in a flash.

Plus there are varieties to suit every taste. Look for three options in the frozen aisle at your local Publix –

  • Jimmy Dean® Casserole Bites – Meat Lovers
  • Jimmy Dean® Casserole Bites – Sausage, Egg and Cheese
  • Jimmy Dean® Casserole Bites – French Toast

Jimmy Dean® Casserole Bites are bite-size versions of your breakfast favorites, offered in a fun new way. Portable for on-the-go, you get the homemade flavors of a breakfast casserole packed into a perfectly poppable breakfast bite. There’s no chopping, mixing or baking needed. You get an excellent source of protein and a taste that you’ll love.

Grab a bag (or two) the next time you shop at Publix and have a quick and delicious breakfast option that’s perfect for your busy morning.

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