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Do you get tired of having to constantly remind your kiddos to tie their shoes? Maybe you are fed up having to constantly stop and tie your sneakers when you run? With a pack of KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces and your days of dealing with untied shoes is a thing of the past!

KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces are the easiest way to give your shoes a quick makeover that will save you (and your kiddo) time and frustration. The laces are easy to install in any shoe. Just lace up the shoe, add the lock and finish up by adding and securing the end cap. In minutes, you have shoes that fit snug—no tying required!

We have used the laces for years in cleats and sneakers with great success. The boys love how easy it is to get their shoes on before practice. Plus, not having to worry about untied shoes in the middle of a game is a huge relief for all of us.

I only wish I knew about them when the boys were little. I would have put them in all their shoes!

Don’t let laces knot you up or slow you down. KIWI® Sneaker No-Tie Laces save you time spent tying with easy one-touch elastics. No-Tie Laces aren’t loose, they’re just as snug with none of the difficulties of laces.

Pick up a pack the next time you shop at your local Publix.

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