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Choose Ziploc® Brand Products For Convenient Storage All Around Your Home

Jun 21, 2020 | #, Deals | 0 comments

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One size fits all is not the case when it comes to storage in your kitchen and around your home. Having a variety of storage options means that you can find exactly what you need no matter the size or shape of what you need to store. Luckily you can find a big selection of Ziploc® brand products at your local Publix.

Sometimes I just need a tiny bag to hold a few leftovers and other times I need a bag that will hold a lot of food, or contain larger items. With Ziploc® brand bags, I can get the exact size that I need and know that my things are protected.

If I had to guess, I would say that I probably use the quart size storage and slider bags most often around my home. That size seems to be perfect for leftovers and general home storage. I use them so often that keep a box in my kitchen AND in my laundry room for easy access!

You’ll be happy to know that Ziploc® brand Slider Bags are designed with new Power Shield technology that provides unbeatable protection for your food. With an expandable bottom and more durable film, you can rely on Ziploc® brand Slider Bags to protect whatever you are storing . Each bag blocks out air and helps lock in freshness to help ensure that your food stays fresh…meaning less wasted food and more money saved.

What Ziploc® brand product do you use most around your home? Print the coupon and get a couple of your favorite products and save NOW at Publix.

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